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On September 25th, 2018

Mark and Jan Mansfield: 25 Years of Teamwork and Family Values

Mark and Jan Mansfield know what it means to pioneer an emerging brand. They invested in Sport Clips Haircuts nearly two decades ago at a time when the brand had only 26 stores. Their first store as franchisees was one of only three stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. “No one knew who we were since the Sport Clips concept was so new at the time,” recalls Jan.   After their third ...

On September 4th, 2018

Sport Clips’ Team Leader Advisory Council Helps Effective Communication

A hallmark of a mature and healthy franchise system is the presence of a franchise advisory council. Made up of franchisee representatives, these councils act as a formal channel of communication between a franchisor and its franchisees. Creating a two-way street of communication, the council’s main objective is to foster productive dialogue and amplify franchisee voices.   Sport Clips Haircuts strongly believes one of its greatest resources lies in its people, and teamwork is at the foundation of ...

On June 8th, 2017

Meet The Sport Clips Leaders in South Texas: Begona & Eugenio Simon

Begona Simon has been an entrepreneur in the service industry for almost 30 years. Before becoming Sport Clips franchisees, she and her husband, Eugenio, owned five gas station franchises and three Body Brite body hair removal franchises in the Mexico City area. Nine years ago, they made the decision to leave Mexico and move their ...