Sport Clips Franchise Review: Dan & Angie Roberts

Today we have some very special guests, Dan and Angie Roberts, owner of 10 Sport Clips locations, the married couple opened their first store in 2007 and open their most recent store a few weeks ago. In that time, they become two of the top performing team leaders in the Sport Clips franchise network. In fact, the Roberts have won the Logan award twice, named from founder Gordon Logan, the award measures all of the stores in the franchise network for customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and more. So winning it twice is a big achievement. In this episode, we talk about how their 10th grand opening is their best yet, their hopes for the future, and much, much more.


Sport Clips Franchise Review: Richard Buxbaum

Today we’re speaking with Richard Buxbaum, owner of ten Sport Clips locations and counting. Richard started with two locations when he came on board eight years ago and has continued to invest by opening up more stores time and time again. In fact, he is looking at locations as we speak. All of his phenomenal growth is even more impressive since he has kept his day job which in Richard’s case is a successful career in Real Estate. In this conversation, we talk about all of that and much, much more.


Sport Clips Franchise Review: Nick Choat

Today we’re speaking with Nick Choat, owner of multiple Sport Clips locations in the Sarasota area, Florida. Nick comes to Sport Clips after decades in the corporate world, where he had successful careers with some of the largest companies in the world, including Disney. Looking for a business he could run with his wife, Nick chose Sport Clips because he wanted flexibility, work life balance and the ability to scale, all of which he found in Sport Clips.

Sport Clips Franchise Review: Arif Taj

Arif Taj is the owner of eight Sport Clips locations California. Arif is an entrepreneur through and through from growing up in his family business, to always owning businesses even as he built a successful career in the corporate world. Arif opened his first Sport Clips location in 2008, and has continued to grow ever since. In this conversation, we talk about why Arif decided to invest in Sport Clips, how owning a business allows him to make a big difference in his community, and why entrepreneurs should leap into business ownership, and much, much more.


Sport Clips Q&A with CEO, Edward Logan 

Today we have a very special guest, Edward Logan, CEO of Sport Clips. Edwards tenure as CEO began in 2020. Under the extremely challenging circumstances of a global pandemic. Under Edwards leadership, Sport Clips not only fully recovered from the pandemic, but emerged a stronger brand, with continued expansion into new markets.In this conversation, Edward opens up about the importance of having a strong culture, why Sport Clips is a worthy investment. And what makes Edward excited about the future, and much, much more.


Sport Clips Q&A with Founder, Gordon Logan 

Today we have a very special guest, the legendary founder of Sport Clips, Gordon Logan. Gordon launched Sport Clips in 1993 because he saw an opportunity in the haircare industry to cater specifically to men and boys. As a result, he not only pioneered the men and boys hair salon industry, he also grew Sport Clips to over 1800 locations across the country. The secret to the decades of growth that Sport Clips as experienced over the last three decades is the result of the strong culture that Gordon established, which is all about helping people unlock their full potential.

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