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Our Sport Clips Team Leaders open up about what they love about their businesses

Sport Clips is home to some of the most passionate and driven entrepreneurs in the franchise industry. While our franchise owners come from all walks of life and have diverse professional histories, Sport Clips Team Leaders are united in their drive to win, to create opportunities for their teams, and to embody the values that live in the heart of a champion.

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Our core values are what makes our franchise system so solid. In fact, we award our franchise agreements only to entrepreneurs who share these values and seek to live by them everyday. We believe that it’s our values, alongside our proven business model, that results in one of the highest franchise continuity rates of upwards of 90% – which is a number that’s nearly unheard of in the franchise industry.

We’re proud of what our Sport Clips Team Leaders have accomplished, and we look forward to winning the future together.

Now Is the Time to Invest in Sport Clips

With over 1,800 locations open or in development, Sport Clips has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs thrive.

Here’s what our Team Leaders have to say about their businesses:

“I’ve been involved in several different franchise systems and there’s not one that’s better run than Sport Clips. I started with a few stores, and now I have 41 stores – and the sky’s the limit as to how I can grow. This business was started by a veteran, and as a veteran, I was looking for a business that had the formula for success. There’s no guessing as to how to succeed with Sport Clips – all you have to do is follow the formula. The great thing about success is that the bigger I get, the more opportunities I get to create for people and the bigger the impact I get to have. That’s what drives me.”

– Cheston Syma, owner of 41 stores in Illinois & Texas

“Now is a great time to own a Sport Clips because we’ve proven that we’re pandemic-resistant and recession-resistant. The leadership team is investing in technology that not only makes us a preferred choice for our clients, but also to make the business easier to run as a Team Leader. One of the reasons why my business partners and I chose this business is because it’s relatively low-maintenance. We own three stores and we still have our careers. We get to go to all of the kids’ sporting events – it’s just a great work/life balance. If you have 10% of your normal week to dedicate to a business, you can do this.”

– Sergio Rudoi, owner of three stores in Pennsylvania

“I was excited about Sport Clips because this is an industry that’s easier to understand – and it’s something that I could jump in and make an impact quickly. The best thing about the Sport Clips business model is that it requires you to have a manager, who runs the store for you. The role of the owner is one that supports from the sidelines – and I was looking forward to a business that would allow me to use my background in marketing, which I’ve been able to do. We’ve opened three stores during 2020 and 2021, and we’ve seen month-over-month growth that’s exceeded our expectations. It’s been a really positive experience – and we’re excited about the future.”

– John Curran, owner of three stores in Florida.

“We pinch ourselves once a month and say, ‘How lucky are we?’ We have so much flexibility and time to do the things that we want to do. We’ve been able to travel and enjoy our lives because we worked so hard to establish our stores at the beginning. Our secret? We keep our stylists happy because happy stylists make great stores. If you create a fun place to work, it makes it easy to recruit and retain top talent. And we love becoming a part of their lives – and it really feels like we’re all a big family”

– Alyssa Bowman, co-owner of 12 stores in Idaho

“The Sport Clips Team Leader network is very strong. When we joined the franchise, Sport Clips was great about connecting us with the Team Leaders, and we’ve stayed very close. They’re such a great resource for us, and they provided a lot of additional support, especially at the beginning – and we’re happy to pay that forward with new owners. We’ve found successful Sport Clips Team Leaders are great at following the systems and processes that Sport Clips gives you, and because you’re working on the business and you’re not in the business, you need to be good at delegating and building a great team.”

– Jamie Gilbo, co-owner of a store in Tennessee with more in development

“I continue to think Sport Clips is not only an amazing brand with family ownership that cares deeply and is invested in our success, but I also think we’re in a space that is recession proof. During the 2008 downturn, we were in a nice spot in the market. People continue to need haircuts. And so, as long as we are able to provide predictable, consistent, top-quality service, we think there’s longevity for hair cutting in general and Sport Clips in particular.”

– Wayne Freeman, owner of 39 Sport Clips locations in Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota

“This is a model of simplicity. We’re very much behind the scenes in our business – and we love that. We get to support our amazing people and they deliver amazing results. But it starts at the top: Gordon and Edward Logan have created a culture that we strive to replicate in our businesses.”

– Riley and Tina McMurdo, owners of 17 Sport Clips locations in Colorado

Now Is the Time to Invest in Sport Clips

With over 1,800 locations open or in development, Sport Clips has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs thrive.

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