Q+A with Canadian Sport Clips Franchise Owner Leigh Wright

A Sport Clips Canadian Franchise Pioneer

In franchising, there are bold trailblazers who venture into uncharted territories, introducing innovative concepts to new markets. Meet one such visionary – Leigh Wright, a distinguished Sport Clips franchise owner with 11 years of experience in the business. His journey epitomizes resilience, determination, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, as he played a pivotal role in bringing the iconic Sport Clips brand to the Canadian landscape.

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New Market, New Opportunity

With over a decade of experience as a Sport Clips franchise owner, Wright has played a pivotal role in introducing the iconic brand to the Canadian market. “After retiring from the corporate world, I wanted to continue to be engaged in the business world, but wanted something that matched my desire for a more balanced lifestyle,” shares Wright. “I saw that Sport Clips was entering Canada and believed that the concept would do well here.”

As one of the first Canadian Sport Clips franchise owners, Wright embarked on a journey filled with excitement and uncertainty. “There was a shared sense of excitement around bringing this concept to a new market,” he recalls. “However, there was also a level of uncertainty, as there were many well-established chains here. Would we be able to earn the trust of enough clients to make our businesses succeed?”

In the face of these challenges, collaboration and support played a crucial role in navigating the uncharted waters of franchising in Canada. “From day one, we felt welcome within the larger Sport Clips family,” he reflected. “Everyone was helpful and as committed to our success as we were. Even though we only had one table at our first Huddle, seeing the Canadian and US flags together and hearing both Anthems was incredible.”

Building a Legacy

Over the years, Wright has witnessed the evolution of Sport Clips in Canada, adapting to the unique nuances of the market while staying true to Sport Clips’ core values and business model. “Fundamentally, there are very few differences in our business between Canada and the US,” he explained. “We have learned to focus on a small number of details and prioritize weekly in-person meetings with store managers.”

Throughout his tenure, Wright has witnessed the power of collaboration firsthand. “Many of us from that first group of Team Leaders are still involved, and we share thoughts regularly,” he remarked. “Sharing wins and losses, hearing about local marketing initiatives, or just to talk something through, has been a key part of our experience.” This collaborative spirit has not only strengthened his bond with fellow franchisees, but has also contributed to their continued growth in the Canadian market.

Growing through Supportive Collaboration

Wright remains grateful for the unwavering support he received from the Canadian franchise team. “I am still very grateful for the outsized level of support we received, and continue to receive, in supporting the success of our Canadian stores,” he emphasized. From navigating the initial challenges of establishing a foothold in a new market to celebrating milestones and triumphs, the Sport Clips family has been there every step of the way, exemplifying the power of unity and collaboration in franchising.

Reflecting on their journey, Wright takes pride in the growth achieved over the years. “I am still energized by our business and am grateful to have had a degree of success with all my stores,” he expressed. “But I am most proud of the quality of the managers and the teams we have built, and hope to share continued success with them.”

Become a Franchise Owner with Sport Clips

Aspiring franchise owners looking to follow in his footsteps are offered invaluable advice grounded in years of experience and wisdom. “Our concept is still strong, but success requires focusing on a small number of details,” he advises. “As a Team Leader, you need to be engaged with your manager and your business. Marketing is important, but all the marketing in the world will not make up for team members who do not have the ability to make that client want to return.”

Leigh Wright’s journey with Sport Clips serves as a testament to the power of resilience, collaboration, and unwavering dedication. If you are an aspiring franchise owner looking to own your own Sport Clips franchise locations, the possibilities are endless. Learn more about our business model, how we support franchise owners, and the cost to franchise with Sport Clips in Canada here.

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