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Sport Clips provides the ongoing support you need to thrive in business

One of the benefits of franchising with Sport Clips is that you get access to a mature franchise system with one of the most robust ongoing support platforms in the entire industry.

We know how to help you run and own thriving haircut franchise stores that continue to thrive and prosper over the long-term.

Because our business model is manager-style, meaning that our franchise owners do not usually play an active role in the daily operations of their business, we focus on providing you with the tools, resources, and coaching you need to thrive as a behind-the-scenes owner.

We help you master the Sport Clips business fundamentals:

  • How to hire, develop, and coach a team
  • How to manage compensation, scheduling, and recruiting
  • Understanding the roles of you, your store managers, and your stylists
  • How to use our technology to understand your financials, your store performance, client count, and more
  • How to market effectively and engage with your community
  • And much, much more!

Now Is the Time to Invest in Sport Clips

With over 1,800 locations open or in development, Sport Clips has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs thrive.

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Site selection, grand opening, and beyond – we’ve got your back!

One of the most important aspects of becoming a successful Sport Clips Team Leader is to secure the right location for your store. Sport Clips has an entire team dedicated to ensuring that you find the right spot for your business.

“We have long-term relationships with landlords and developers, and that’s a tremendous advantage for our Team Leaders,” says Greg Smith, Vice President of Real Estate. “Sport Clips gets access to prime locations first as a result of those relationships. We also do a ton of research as to what makes a good site and where the good sites are. We use GIS technology, as well as demographic and psychographic data, to ensure that our Team Leaders choose the right location.”

When you’re ready to open your store, we come to you. We send a team of coaches to train your managers and stylists on our haircutting methodology and services to ensure your customers get the Championship Haircut Experience right out of the gate. We also outfit you with a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure you’re able to spread the good news and attract new customers.

Stylist training and advancement opportunities so you can recruit and retain top talent

Something that all of our Team Leaders learn right away is that your stylists are the most important part of your business.

We are able to not only provide comprehensive training to your stylists pre-launch of your business, but also provide ongoing support. We’ve created advanced training and career pathways that allow your stylists to let their passions and interests guide their futures.

Sport Clips ongoing support hair washing

Our path to success for stylists is unlike anything else in the industry. We celebrate our stylists, and we ask that our Team Leaders do as well. Their hard work, expertise, and exceptional service is the backbone of our success – and we will never forget that.

“The most important role in the entire Sport Clips organization is the stylists,” says Patti Carr, Vice President of Field Operations. “Without our stylists, we’re nothing. We invest in our stylists because they’re so passionate. They love being here. They love being a part of the Sport Clips brand because they’re so loved. Our career opportunities are all about retention and culture. People want to be appreciated and valued, and they want opportunities to grow. That’s what we provide to our stylists and this is a big, big advantage for our Team Leaders.”

Now Is the Time to Invest in Sport Clips

With over 1,800 locations open or in development, Sport Clips has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs thrive.

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