Sport Clips Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs

Leading the Charge for Women Entrepreneurs in Franchising

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Sport Clips proudly shines a spotlight on Amanda Donovan, a dynamic woman who is making waves in the traditionally male-dominated world of franchising as a high-performing business owner and member of the Team Leader Advisory Council (TLAC). Amanda’s journey with Sport Clips began in 2012, when she and her husband decided to bring the brand to West Virginia, marking the start of an inspiring entrepreneurial venture.

Amanda donovan  Women Entrepreneurs

Humble Beginnings

Amanda’s decision to pursue franchising with Sport Clips stemmed from a desire for flexibility and stability in her career, coupled with a strong belief in the brand’s values and proven systems. “We moved to a state where we didn’t have any family or support nearby,” she explains. “I wanted to have some flexibility in my schedule for when my husband was out of town for work. I was looking for an opportunity where I could follow a proven system.”

In addition, Sport Clips was a brand her family already saw the value in. “My husband wanted to get his haircut, but didn’t like the options we had in West Virginia, so he would wait until we traveled to go to a Sport Clips in another state,” she says.

From the outset, Amanda faced the challenge of owning and managing a business with no prior experience, as well as leading a team of individuals who were new to her. These hurdles were compounded by the fact that only 31% of franchise owners are women, highlighting the gender disparity in the franchising industry. However, she approached these challenges with determination and a willingness to learn. “I tried to be a sponge, I tried to listen, learn, and stay connected to our store,” she reflects. “It wasn’t easy, but I tried to stay true to myself, use my common sense, and trust my gut.”

Making a Difference in the Sport Clips Community

Amanda’s dedication and leadership skills have not gone unnoticed within the Sport Clips community. She was elected to represent her region on the Team Leader Advisory Council (TLAC), a role she describes as “an honor and a humbling experience.” The TLAC is comprised of Sport Clips franchise owners who act as a liaison to help develop and implement initiatives to benefit the entire Sport Clips organization. TLAC is made up of five Team Leaders from five different regions and two at-large members.

Through TLAC, Amanda has had the opportunity to collaborate with Sport Clips leadership and share insights from the field. “I truly believe the relationship between Sport Clips and TLAC is a wonderful commitment to ensuring the growth of our Team Leaders and the Sport Clips brand,” she says.

As a woman excelling in a male-dominated industry, Amanda emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships with her team members and fostering a supportive work environment. “We’ve been able to balance not only a wonderful working relationship, but they are my family,” she shares. “We laugh, cry, scream, and cheer together. I think being a female has allowed us to build these close bonds that allow us to celebrate the wins and work together on the challenges.” With dedication and integrity, Amanda proves that being a woman is no hurdle when it comes to business ownership, in fact it became a driving force in growing a team of dedicated people working together to build a community that values each other as much as profit potential.

“Women displaying their strengths in these key areas has contributed to many franchises shifting focus to shake up the traditional “boys’ club” and grow through franchising with women,” says a recent article from Forbes. “As the industry leans into having more female franchise owners, it continues to be apparent how complementary women and franchising are.”

Amanda’s advice for fellow Sport Clips franchise owners is rooted in the principles

of learning, supporting their teams, and prioritizing communication. “Make sure you have the right manager in place,” she advises. “Don’t always think about the bottom line, think about your team first. Be strong and resilient. Be a good student of your business and work hard. Invest in your team to ensure their personal and professional growth.”

Follow in Amanda’s Footsteps

Amanda Donovan’s journey with Sport Clips exemplifies the spirit of Women’s History Month – a celebration of resilience, determination, and achievement. Her accomplishments serve as an inspiration to women entrepreneurs everywhere, proving that with dedication, passion, and a supportive community, anything is possible.

Ready to follow in Amanda’s footsteps and become a Sport Clips franchise owner? Explore this franchise opportunity and start your journey towards inclusivity, community, and growth today. Visit our research pages here to learn more, or fill out our form here to get in touch with our franchise team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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