Franchise Culture Contributes To Franchisee Satisfaction

A Strong Franchise Culture Means Strong Franchisees

A franchise’s culture is, at its core, the ethical codes and values a company lives by. Just as important, it’s how potential franchisees know whether they are a right fit when deciding which brand to invest in. When defining a franchise culture, many factors are at play – brand values, policies, procedures, ethics, goals, and attitudes. At the end of the day, these operating principals make up a company’s character and work environment. Increasingly, a strong culture is important not only for the success of the business, but also for the strength of the franchisee. According to a study by Deloitte, 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to a business’s success.

In practice, a strong franchise culture goes beyond just a mission statement or employee manual. According to Forbes magazine, “It’s those things and more. It’s a set of very often at least partially unwritten rules about how the franchisor and franchisee work together as a whole to deliver what’s written down, how they communicate with each other, how they support each other, interrelate and behave with each other, and what’s expected of them individually and overall. The culture of the franchise is what should keep the franchise team together as just that – a team.”

A clear culture is a win-win. For the franchisee, they know from the outset whether they are a match for a particular company and its business style. For the franchisor, defined expectations and leadership goals help steer the company in the right direction. That’s why Sport Clips Haircuts has spent years meticulously building its franchise culture, by setting out clear expectations, policies, and values. For nearly three decades, Sport Clips has followed a well-defined mission statement and clear vision, and makes sure its executive team and franchisees exemplify it. As a result, Sport Clips has earned one of the best brand reputations in the country and continues to be a highly sought-after investment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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The Sport Clips Franchise Story

Sport Clips was founded on a bright idea in a landscape of opportunity. In 1993, Gordon Logan, an industry veteran who had been in the salon industry for years, saw a gap in the hair care service market: no one was catering to specifically men and boys’ haircuts. One location in Austin, Texas methodically grew into a nationally recognized brand, which now boasts nearly 1,900 locations open in every U.S. state, as well as in Canada. Through it all, Sport Clips’ growth is due to the company’s values: do  what’s right, do your best, and treat others the way they want to be treated.

“Our values aren’t just words on the wall,” says Allyson Young, chief people officer. “We live these values every day – and they’re true, timeless values. It’s so important that everyone in our organization aligns with our culture, because we only win with everyone on board. Everyone in this organization has an essential role to play, and we’re accountable to each other. If we’re successful at the store level, the entire brand is successful.”

To maintain a strong culture, Sport Clips is highly selective in making sure franchisees are a good fit and will ensure the integrity of the brand. Every year, franchisees come together at a “National Huddle” to work as one team with a shared goal: to make Sport Clips the strongest, most exciting franchise in the industry. The 2022 huddle theme “Dare to Be” challenged Team Leaders to enhance training programs for stylists, advance technology for the franchise and clients, and to also think of ways to renew their commitment to philanthropy. Giving back has been key to Sport Clips, and its “Haircuts with Heart” program focuses on national philanthropic partnerships, while encouraging franchisees to take on charity efforts of their own.

“In any business, the competitive advantage is the people who make up the organization,” says Gordon Logan, Sport Clips founder and chairman. “We’re looking for people with passion and people who love people. We’re looking for people who want to build teams and see their teams succeed. If we can attract the Team Leaders that focus on their teams, that’s the right fit. We believe success flows up.”

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Sport Clips boasts one of the most renowned franchise stories in the nation, with a strong culture that has defined its growth. As a result, our franchisee satisfaction rate is at an all-time high due to a clear and well-defined franchise culture that gives our Team Leaders a voice and and allows them to feel heard.

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