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We all know the saying, “don’t put your eggs in one basket,” which is a warning that if you put all your effort and resources into one thing, if it fails, you’re left with no alternatives. Yet the saying takes on an even more important significance when it comes to franchising. Indeed, it’s more crucial than ever to diversify your franchise portfolio, so you’re not reliant on one revenue stream or industry. On the flip side, when done right, diversifying your franchise portfolio opens you up to multiple markets and industries, giving you financial security should one of your investments run into challenging economic times.

“Diversification is key to a successful business portfolio,” according to a report in Global Franchise Magazine. “Similar to you keeping a portfolio of different stocks to diversify your investments, as a franchisee, you would profit from owning several franchises. By spreading your investments across a range of assets in several sectors, you can protect yourself from serious loss if one business faces unforeseen challenges. Adding concepts in different industries will not only add further income and stabilize your portfolio, but it will reduce volatility and risk. It will also provide you with the opportunity to apply your business acumen, market knowledge and creative energy to another brand.”

Choosing the right franchise to invest in, however, is key to getting your business to the next level. Oftentimes, finding complementary brands that accentuate – and don’t compete – with your existing investments is always a good idea. Also, to bolster redundancy, many franchisees will invest in a wide range of different industries – food, beauty, restoration, etc. – in case one of their investments undergoes a downturn or financial challenge.

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Add Sport Clips to Your Franchise Portfolio

Investing in Sport Clips is a great way for an entrepreneur to diversify their franchise portfolio. Sport Clips is a legacy brand that is continuing its dominance in the beauty industry as the go-to salon for men and boys haircuts. Founded in 1003, Sport Clips now boasts more than 1,800 locations in North America, with a footprint in all 50 U.S. states. Sport Clips has a decades long proven track record, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of financial independence, a flexible lifestyle, and running their own business. Also featuring a straightforward business model that’s easy to grow, Sport Clips is the perfect fit for investors looking to diversify their franchise portfolio.

“Sport Clips is stronger than ever before,” says Edward Logan, CEO of Sport Clips. “We’ve proven that we’re not only recession-resistant, but we’re also pandemic-resistant. This is a very stable business with steady cash flow and straightforward business model. Now is a great time to invest in Sport Clips, because as we head into 2022, we’re excited about the great real estate opportunities that exist right now, as well as the disruption of client behavior. As people change their buying behavior and their habits, the brands that go out and capture those clients are going to win an outsize market share. That’s going to be us because that’s how we’re thinking.”

Sport Clips is Made for Multi-Unit Ownership

Because Sport Clips offers one of the most straightforward business models in the industry, our franchise owners are perfectly set up to grow up to multi-unit ownership. In fact, Sport Clips takes pride in the fact that its Team Leaders continue to reinvest in the company, with some owners opening anywhere from 10 to 40 stores. It’s why no matter what U.S. city you travel to, you are sure to see a Sport Clips brand.

“Sport Clips was designed from day one to be a multi-unit opportunity,” says Jim Atkinson, Vice President of Franchise Development. “This was never set up to be an individual unit where someone buys a job for the rest of their lives. Our business model is very simple: we cut hair. We built our business model for growth, and we have all the resources to grow quickly and effectively. We know when you should add resources and when to build additional infrastructure. Whether you want to open up to three stores, five stores, 10 stores, or beyond, we have a plan that can help you get there.”

Always Supported in Growth

The Sport Clips team is here to help Team Leaders reach their potential, and that includes helping them open as many locations as possible. The growth of Team Leaders is critical to the future of Sport Clips, which is why Sport Clips offers an incredible amount of support from getting ready to store openings, staffing a location, ongoing coaching and much more. Sport Clips also has advisory councils for area developers and Team Leaders who listen to communities and research possible new territories. With so much support, Sport Clips makes sure its Team Leaders can continue to thrive over the long-term.

Sport Clips makes sure the brand continues to grow smart. The Sport Clips team does a ton of research into what makes a good site for a new location, including potential customer base, GIS technology, demographic and psychographic data, and other relevant data points that make opening a new location a sure bet.

“We’re closing in on 1,900 locations,” says Gordon Logan, Founder of Sport Clips. “We know this business works. We’ve been able to help entrepreneurs change their lives through business ownership. In turn, they’ve been able to create countless opportunities in their communities and give back. We’re going to continue to grow – but we’re growing the right way and with the right people.”

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Looking to diversify your franchise portfolio? Then look no further than Sport Clips! To learn more about our investment opportunity, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today.

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