New Sport Clips Team Leaders: Todd and Melissa Bains

Todd and Melissa Bains are no strangers to building a business. Having built one of the largest luxury pet resorts in Texas from the ground up and owning multiple massage and spa experience franchise locations, the Bains know what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs. This year they added Sport Clips Haircuts to their list of investments.  

Sport Clips Team Leaders

Their entrepreneur journey began in 2009.  After years of being a stay at home mom, Melissa reentered the work force as a realtor. At the time, Todd worked as sales manager at a large family-owned car dealership. However, with a large auto industry bailout and looming economic uncertainty, the Bains decided it was time to take control of their financial future and turned to business ownership.  

Working side by side, the pair built what would become a very successful luxury pet resort. They grew their business to a point where they started to consider what the next level looked like.  “After several years of hard work, the pet resort became self-sustaining, and we were ready to step away from the day-to-day operations,” explains Todd.   

The Bains decided to look beyond the pet care industry. Melissa says, “With a business of that nature, you always have something under your care. It’s a 24 hour a day business. We knew we wanted something less demanding that required less sweat equity on our part.”  

Todd adds, “We also did want not want to have to reinvent the wheel, so franchising was an ideal fit.”  

Having ruled out another business in pet care, they also ruled out the food industry. “We decided food was not for us. We did not want to have to always be in the store and we also didn’t want all the extra costs and waste that drain profits fast,” says Todd.  

As the Bains examined their options in franchising, they narrowed their search down to two brands within the service industry, Sport Clips and a massage and spa franchise. “Sport Clips really stood out to us. The culture and values of this brand really spoke to us. We like how they give back to the community,” Melissa states. “Unfortunately, our market was closed. The other franchise had immediate opportunities available, so we moved in the other direction knowing we would be back.”  

The Bains went on to become multi-unit owners with the massage and spa brand, but their desire to invest in Sport Clips never left. Melissa explains, “Sport Clips really sets the standard for what a franchise should do for its franchisees. Everything is laid out for their franchisees. The framework to be successful is all there. We just had to wait for our opportunity.”  

Todd adds, “We appreciate the fact that Sport Clips is family-owned and not bringing in private equity. We have seen firsthand how those things can really change the climate of a brand.”  

Another reason the Bains were eager to join Sport Clips’ is the brand’s semi-absentee business model, which aligned well with their lifestyle. “Having flexibility is really important to us. Aside from our other businesses, we love to spend time with our family. We want to be present in the lives of our grandchildren, so we needed an investment that would allow us to generate revenue without us having to be there all the time,” says Todd.   

When the opportunity came to get into one of Sport Clips’ more mature markets, the Bains jumped at the chance. “We had been waiting for our chance to buy a Sport Clips store for a few years. We kept our ear to the ground and listened for any hint of one of the New Mexico owners wanting to sell,” recalls Melissa.   

In July 2019, after several years of waiting, the Bains purchased the Sport Clips store in Hobbs, New Mexico, as well as two more licenses.  Todd says, “We hit the ground running. We have an experienced manager who transferred to the store. Sarah has been an important part of the great numbers we have been seeing. We are off to a great start and looking forward to scaling our business.”  

Melissa adds, “Right now we are focusing on building a strong foundation and being intentional about creating a positive and encouraging store culture. Putting in the time and effort to show you care about your team goes a long way. That is really at the heart of the brand’s culture.”  

The Bains’ patience and persistence are paying off, and they are on their way to building a business that is creating more freedom and flexibility in their lives. They are also building a family legacy. Todd says, “We are looking forward to bringing our son into the business. The hair industry tends to be recession proof, and haircuts can’t be outsourced. Sport Clips has proven it can stand the test of time. We feel confident we can pass it on to him without worrying about the future economy.”  

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