Sport Clips Makes The 2022 Multi-Unit 50

Multi-Unit Franchisees Love Sport Clips

One of the greatest signs of the health of a franchise system is looking at how much franchisees reinvest in the brand – also known as multi-unit franchising. In fact, according to FRANdata, a franchise industry researcher, 47 percent of all franchisees own a single unit. On the other hand, 53 percent have at least two units, with many operating dozens or even hundreds of units. In all, multi-unit franchisees control 450,000 of the franchise units in the U.S.!

That’s why it’s so exciting to announce Sport Clips was named as one of’s top “Multi-Unit 50”. Every year, analyzes the top performing U.S. franchises, and then ranks, which among them rise to the top in the multi-unit franchise category. According to, Sport Clips ranked No. 23, with a total of 280 multi-unit franchisees, which accounts for nearly 72% of all Sport Clips locations!

“At its most effective, multi-unit franchising can allow for the franchisee (and franchisor) to expand more rapidly and increase profitability,” wrote. “After all, if you can make money with one unit, you can make even more with two, three, and so on, right? If you have the background, experience, and inner drive to take on these challenges, then multi-unit franchising could offer you a number of benefits. Rely on people, partners, delegation, and hard work, and you can grow a multi-unit empire.”

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Add Sport Clips To Your Franchise Portfolio

Investing in Sport Clips is a great option for entrepreneurs, whether you’re looking for a brand that you can expand on, or if you’re looking for a different franchise concept to diversify your portfolio. That’s because Sport Clips’ business model is designed for multi-unit owners, a result of a simple, straightforward plan that’s easy to grow. In fact, Sport Clips franchise owners have opened as many as 10, 20, 30 and even 40 stores!

“Sport Clips was designed from day one to be a multi-unit opportunity,” says Jim Atkinson, Vice President of Franchise Development. “This was never set up to be an individual unit where someone buys a job for the rest of their lives. Our business model is very simple: we cut hair. We built our business model to grow, and we have all the resources to grow quickly and effectively. We know when you should add resources and when to build additional infrastructure. Whether you want to open up to three stores, five stores, 10 stores, or beyond, we have a plan that can help you get there.”

Even with more than 1,800 locations open, Sport Clips is looking to expand its footprint in prime markets across the U.S. But we don’t just grow for growth’s sake. Sport Clips is highly strategic about where we choose to open new locations, choosing markets where we have the strongest likelihood of growth. And that’s because we want our Team Leaders to grow over the long term.

“Sport Clips has a very strategic approach to growth,” says Atkinson. “We only open as many stores as we can accurately and positively support, because we want our Team Leaders to do well over the long-term. This is not to say we don’t have lofty goals as to how many locations we want to open – we do. But we’re only going to open the stores that we can support, because this needs to be a long-term fit for both parties.”

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With opportunities available in prime markets across the nation, Sport Clips is ready to help you achieve your goals and exceed your dreams. To learn more, visit our research pages here or start a conversation with our franchise team by filling out our inquiry form here.

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