The top four reasons this real estate professional and a massage therapist decided to become Sport Clips Haircuts franchisees

Joe Gulino has successfully managed teams throughout his career, whether it was for a major soft drink company, the telecom industry, or now, in real estate. He’s in the process of expanding his team from Nevada to have a presence in Tampa, Florida. Meanwhile, his wife Ambre has been a massage therapist at one of the largest resort and entertainment properties in Las Vegas. Even though their careers seem very different in scope, they’ve made the career decision to do something together…invest in a franchise. They chose Sport Clips Haircuts primarily because Joe has been a happy client for more than eight years. 

“I haven’t had a haircut anywhere else but Sport Clips for almost a decade,” says Joe. “I enjoy the convenience and flexibility of scheduling and love the scalp massage and face towel that come with the signature MVP experience.” 

The couple did their homework and have these four top reasons why Sport Clips is the franchise investment for them: 

1: The people – There is team camaraderie between stylists in the stores. Joe says it’s something he’s familiar with from his work and he was able to see and experience it repeatedly as a client over many years. 

2: The product – The simplicity of the business model and limited product line is easy to execute and get on board with for franchisees and team members.  

3: The efficiency – Getting online to get “in line” makes it easy for men and boys to know when a stylist is ready for a client to come in. Joe says Sport Clips has really used the best elements of technology to make the process efficient for everyone. 

4: The leadership – Both Ambre and Joe learned through the discovery process how much the leadership wants to be involved in educating and supporting potential and current franchisees…all the way to the founder. 

Ambre and Joe are in the process of locating where they will build the first of three stores in Florida. They say the Sport Clips investment is one they’re making for themselves and their family with the long-term goal of it becoming their primary business interest. The semi-absentee franchise model for which Sport Clips is known will allow them the freedom to visit their four children who live all around the country and to enjoy their outdoor interests in snorkeling, mountain biking, and hiking. 

If the semi-absentee business model sounds interesting to you, check out more at or call Jennifer Guzman in the Sport Clips franchise department at 800-655-9675. 


Erikal and Daryl Roberts Sport Clips Team Leaders

 A bold step during the pandemic opened the door for encouragement and support from the Sport Clips Haircuts franchise community for Erikal and Daryl Roberts  

Erikal and Daryl Roberts, two of the newest Sport Clips Haircuts franchisees, were inspired to take a bold business step during the pandemic…investing in a franchise.   

Erikal says, “The pandemic forced me to take a look at my personal and professional life.” She realized she wanted more personal fulfilment than what her corporate job afforded. After this epiphany, Erikal told her husband, Daryl, she was going to look at other options for bringing in an income.   

Erikal suggested the idea of franchising, something that she had never considered before. Daryl liked the idea of franchising because they could have a plan for the future and grow a business that would benefit the next generations of their family. He was excited at the possibility of the pair building something together while he maintained his corporate work.  

Sport Clips immediately jumped out to Erikal during the research process. She says that the mission statement, “to create a Championship Haircut Experience in an exciting sports environment captured her attention. As an avid sports fan, this concept spoke to Erikal. The new franchise owner loved the idea of having sports as a part of the haircut experience. She says, “Sports bring everybody together and, in this time, we need unity.”   

Daryl and Erikal sat down together and wrote out pros and cons for opening their own Sport Clips store. At the end of the session, the pair revealed that there was no reason for them not to go through with the purchase. They were immediately impressed by the extensive amount of support and resourceful information they received from the very beginning. Fellow franchisees offered advice, encouragement, and well wishes. Repeatedly the new owners were told “the key to success is trusting the process,” Daryl laughs, “especially since neither of us knows anything about cutting hair.”   

Erikal says from the beginning she noticed that everyone within the Sport Clips community had great relationships with one another and were very open. The couple felt as though they had a team that had their back throughout the entire process of opening up their store and into the future.  

“The community that surrounds Sport Clips reinforces that we made the right decision because these are the kind of people we want to be involved with,” Daryl says.  

To find out more about how to make a bold step in your financial future and build something to benefit future generations, visit 

Sport Clips Maintains Growth & Receives Accolades Amid the Pandemic

While some companies have struggled to maintain growth during COVID-19, Sport Clips Haircuts has stayed strong through temporary closures to earn the respect and recognition of its peers by ranking in the top 20 of Entrepreneur “Franchise 500.” 

Entrepreneur recognizes franchises in its ranking for exceptional performance in areas including financial strength and stability, brand strength, size and growth, costs and fees, and support. We jumped up 20 places in 2020 to be ranked number 17 in 2021.  

Jim Atkinson, Sport Clips vice president of franchise development, said, “We are delighted to be recognized by Entrepreneur, as this is a real testament to all the efforts our support team put forth to sustain the system through unprecedented times, save stores, and further collaborate with our franchisees and advisory council members.” 

Our new ranking with Entrepreneur reminds us that a thoughtful approach, teamwork, and commitment pay off.  Additionally, Sport Clips ranked as the #60 franchise in this year’s Franchise Direct’s “Top 100 Global Franchises” as well as ranking #9 in Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchises list. 

Navigating Uncharted Territory with Franchisees 

Since our inception in 1993, we’ve worked to become a strong, success-oriented franchise network with a high-quality support team focused on unit-level success.  We were committed to working hand-in-hand during the pandemic—often virtually—to navigate the uncharted territory we faced in 2020. We believe we have come through it stronger than we have ever been.  

A significant part of our success during pandemic-related closures was franchisees and team members adapting to the ever-changing environment to serve our valued clients in a safe, sanitary, and efficient setting. Maintaining a “Championship Haircut Experience” was also part of our success plan.  

Edward Logan, Sport Clips president and CEO, said, “We recognized early in 2020, when the degree of disruption about to occur became clear, that those who handle the rapid change with the most complete approach will grow and accelerate faster than others and be in a better competitive position moving into the future.”  

Continued Recognition for Growth & Increased Sales 

Because we made sure to have a solid plan in place during and after temporary closures, Sport Clips was able to continue expanding our reach and getting recognized for it. We ranked the number 60 franchise in Franchise Direct’s 2021 “Top 100 Global Franchises.” This ranking focuses explicitly on sales revenue, growth, franchising years, corporate citizenship, and more. 

As the first hair franchise or beauty salon business with a presence in all 50 states, we continue to exceed expectations and make our presence known. With over 1,800 locations across North America, we are primed to continue growing even as we see a potential second wave of the pandemic this year.  

If you’re ready to join a consistently expanding brand and a franchise network that values its franchisees, call {F:P:Sub:Phone}. We would love for you to take advantage of this hair care franchise opportunity with us. 

Sport Clips’ CIO Dan Miller Talks About Embracing Technology During the Pandemic

For many businesses, technology has helped shape how services are provided, marketing is distributed, and the consumer experience is developed. Dan Miller, Sport Clips Haircuts CIO and senior vice president of information security, is our in-house technology expert and knows exactly how to constructively utilize technology. His blog, published on, discusses how Sport Clips has been using technology to enhance our service experience for the past several years while also navigating the current global pandemic.  

Where We Want Technology to Take Us in the Future 

When Dan joined the company in 2014, Sport Clips needed someone who could bring the brand into the online sector and build on its success. He explains, “I started with bringing in a new point-of-sale vendor to move the brand into the online check-in arena and provide enhanced capabilities to improve the customer experience. As the brand prepares for the next several years of growth, I have engaged multiple technology vendors to improve several key areas of the business.”  

Dan also mentions how Sport Clips is planning to make significant breakthroughs by using AI (artificial intelligence). We will be the first brand in the hair care space to use AI to improve in-store operations and the client experience around wait-time accuracy.  

Other ways Sport Clips plans to embrace technology in 2021 include: 

  • Team leader and franchise management hub, which will improve our support processes and ensure efficiency. It will also provide a simple, consolidated place in our system for documentation and communication. 
  • Business intelligence tools and reports will boost our ability to assess store performance on demand, allowing team members to provide improved support metrics. 
  • Upgraded credit card processing hardware will allow us to continue being best-in-class in terms of PCI-DSS compliance and increase contactless capabilities to meet and reach customers for the foreseeable future.  
  • Updated global client CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will ensure we can provide our franchise owners with more resources for unique client messaging based on the frequency of visits and spend in-store. 

Even during the pandemic, Sport Clips has stayed committed to our franchise network’s long-term health and success, showing incredible resilience to recover from the economic impact. Our strategic investments are just one of the reasons why we are slated to come out of this challenging time stronger than we were before.  

Are you ready to be a part of a company that is continuously embracing modern ideas and using them to improve operations for its franchisees? Consider a hair care franchise opportunity with us and champion our technology efforts.  

Call us at {F:P:Sub:Phone} or reach out online today for more information. 

Click the link to read Dan’s full blog: 

Sport Clips Team Leader Profile: Brandon and Carissa Garrett

As parents of young children, Brandon and Carissa Garrett started to discuss what they wanted their future to look like. It was important to them to create a foundation for more freedom and flexibility in their lives as their girls grew. “We knew it would take several years to get any kind of business up off the ground and we didn’t want to wait too long,” recalls Brandon.   

Brandon, who works in the animal healthcare industry, wanted to create the option for a future exit strategy from the corporate world. Carissa, who took some time off from her corporate and teaching career to stay home with her children, realized she missed having a project to work on. They began a search for business opportunities that would align with their personal and financial goals 

From the onset, franchising appealed to the Garretts. Brandon says, “My dad had built a survey engineering business from the ground up and I saw how much work goes into creating something from scratch. We didn’t want to have to reinvent the wheel, we wanted something that already had the format there.”  

As they looked for business models that would fit their lifestyle goals, they found the semi-absentee model to be the best fit. Brandon says, “The owner-operator models we looked at, particularly those in food, did not fit our goals. We would have to be too involved in the daily operations and that wasn’t for us. We would rather hire managers to take care of the day-to-day while we built the business and networked in our community.”  

Having settled on an ownership model, they further narrowed their search down to the haircare industry. Sport Clips Haircuts, in particular, caught their attention. “We looked into a few haircutting brands, but we felt the market was too saturated with some of the other brands, however we saw plenty of potential for growth with Sport Clips,” says Brandon.  

The brand’s culture and values also resonated with the pair. Brandon says, “Sport Clips’ culture is built on trust and doing what’s right. This fit with our own personal values.” 

When they first looked into Sport Clips, there was no availability in their market. Brandon says, “We knew this was the brand and business model for us, so we checked back over the years.” 

Finally, in May of 2018, opportunity presented itself and the Garretts built their first store just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are now in the process of building their second store.  As the Garretts work to grow their team, they have relied on help from the Sport Clips support team, training and playbook to help shorten the learning curve and scale.  

“We are able to leverage the expertise and recommendations of the Sport Clips support team to help us see where the issues are and how we can improve,” says Carissa. “We feel our current store team is a rockstar team and we are so lucky to have them. The first four team members we hired back in March 2019 (with 17 years of collective Sport Clips experience) are still with us and we strongly feel that is why the numbers in that store are so amazing!” 

Currently, the Garretts are spending much of their time intentionally building a positive store culture. “We run a variety of store contests, do a lot of recognition and overall just listen to the needs of our team. We are always looking for ways to grow in this area because it is so vital to our store’s success,” explains Carissa.   

Brandon’s advice to someone considering investing in Sport Clips is this, “You will have to put in a lot of work upfront. You will only get out what you put in, so set your expectations accordingly. You and your partner need to be on the same page. While I maintain my current employment, Carissa focuses on the store. It only works for us because we are able to divide and conquer.”  

Learn more about the Garretts and how Sport Clips is helping them lay the foundation to achieve their future lifestyle and financial goals on this month’s Validation Conference Call.  

Training & Support

In the franchise world, not all franchisors are created equal. This is particularly true when it comes to the level of training and support, they provide their franchisees. One of the biggest advantages to buying a franchise is leveraging the franchisor’s expertise and experience to better position you for success.  

When you consider investing in a franchise, pay close attention to what you can expect from the franchisor in terms of training and support. Then take the time to validate with existing franchisees and see if your expectation aligns with their experience.  

Sandy Craven, senior director of training at Sport Clips Haircuts says, “A good system can take a person with a set of business skills and with the proper training and support, help them translate those skills into their new role as a franchisee.”  

Knowing what training and support franchisees need starts with a refined business model. Look at the ways the franchisor stays connected to its franchisees and how they are finding ways to optimize their business model.  

Sport Clips, for example, has some of the most comprehensive and robust training and support programs in the franchise industry. One of the reasons for this is its 69 company-owned stores. “Sport Clips puts themselves in the team leader role along with its franchisees. It can see firsthand what tools franchisees need. New procedures or products can be tested and refined before they are rolled out systemwide,” says Craven.  

When it comes to training, all aspects of operations should be covered. Most franchisors hold an initial training session, typically at their headquarters in a classroom setting. Usually this is when the brand’s operational manual is introduced.  

Many Friendshuh, director of technical and operation success for Sport Clips says, “The operational manual represents a structured and universal set of values and standards for the brand. At Sport Clips we call ours the playbook and it gives team leaders a framework of values to work from.  When they are living the values of Sport Clips, they are better positioned for success.”  

Because lot of information is covered in initial training, it should be followed up by some onsite training and assistance to ensure competency. Ask the franchisor what that looks like. Also, ask existing franchisees how prepared they felt to implement the system after the initial and pre-opening training 

Training and support should not end there though, they should be ongoing. “What sets a good brand apart is the amount of tools and support they give their franchisees, as well as having the structure in place to put the tools into practice,” explains Friendshuh. “Key points in a business’ development should be identified and benchmarked to ensure that everything is working. Franchisees should be able to lean back on their training, but also have the support to knowing how to utilize the tools.” 

 Friendshuh says the most important thing franchisees need to do is trust the system.  “Use the tools and do all the steps as outlined,” she explains. “If you have a solid franchisor like Sport Clips, at the end of the day this is the key to better positioning yourself for success.” 

Another important thing to note is whether the franchisor is actively looking for ways to improve and elevate their support. Craven says, “Sport Clips is continually adapting its support, creating new training and development programs. It is important not to get stagnant. We listen to the team leaders, coaches and managers. We look for industry best practices. We look for ways to utilize the newest technology to help bring people together and create more efficiency.”  

Friendshuh adds, “We feel it is important to empower our team members, such as our coaches, and customize training and support because they are our eyes and ears on the ground. They know who they are working with and how to best adapt the tools to fit the managers while maintaining brand consistency.”  

When you invest in a brand, you should feel confident you will be given the training and support to properly execute the business model. Closely examine the support and training offered by the brand you are considering and what that actually looks like. It should be comprehensive, ongoing and dynamic. While you are going into business for yourself, you should never feel like you are in business by yourself.  

New Team Leaders Todd and Melissa Bains

Todd and Melissa Bains are no strangers to building a business. Having built one of the largest luxury pet resorts in Texas from the ground up and owning multiple massage and spa experience franchise locations, the Bains know what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs. This year they added Sport Clips Haircuts to their list of investments.  

Their entrepreneur journey began in 2009.  After years of being a stay at home mom, Melissa reentered the work force as a realtor. At the time, Todd worked as sales manager at a large family-owned car dealership. However, with a large auto industry bailout and looming economic uncertainty, the Bains decided it was time to take control of their financial future and turned to business ownership.  

Working side by side, the pair built what would become a very successful luxury pet resort. They grew their business to a point where they started to consider what the next level looked like.  “After several years of hard work, the pet resort became self-sustaining, and we were ready to step away from the day-to-day operations,” explains Todd.   

The Bains decided to look beyond the pet care industry. Melissa says, “With a business of that nature, you always have something under your care. It’s a 24 hour a day business. We knew we wanted something less demanding that required less sweat equity on our part.”  

Todd adds, “We also did want not want to have to reinvent the wheel, so franchising was an ideal fit.”  

Having ruled out another business in pet care, they also ruled out the food industry. “We decided food was not for us. We did not want to have to always be in the store and we also didn’t want all the extra costs and waste that drain profits fast,” says Todd.  

As the Bains examined their options in franchising, they narrowed their search down to two brands within the service industry, Sport Clips and a massage and spa franchise. “Sport Clips really stood out to us. The culture and values of this brand really spoke to us. We like how they give back to the community,” Melissa states. “Unfortunately our market was closed. The other franchise had immediate opportunities available, so we moved in the other direction knowing we would be back.”  

The Bains went on to become multi-unit owners with the massage and spa brand, but their desire to invest in Sport Clips never left. Melissa explains, “Sport Clips really sets the standard for what a franchise should do for its franchisees. Everything is laid out for their franchisees. The framework to be successful is all there. We just had to wait for our opportunity.”  

Todd adds, “We appreciate the fact that Sport Clips is family-owned and not bringing in private equity. We have seen firsthand how those things can really change the climate of a brand.”  

Another reason the Bains were eager to join Sport Clips’ is the brand’s semi-absentee business model, which aligned well with their lifestyle. “Having flexibility is really important to us. Aside from our other businesses, we love to spend time with our family. We want to be present in the lives of our grandchildren, so we needed an investment that would allow us to generate revenue without us having to be there all the time,” says Todd.   

When the opportunity came to get into one of Sport Clips’ more mature markets, the Bains jumped at the chance. “We had been waiting for our chance to buy a Sport Clips store for a few years. We kept our ear to the ground and listened for any hint of one of the New Mexico owners wanting to sell,” recalls Melissa.   

In July 2019, after several years of waiting, the Bains purchased the Sport Clips store in Hobbs, New Mexico as well as two more licenses.  Todd says, “We hit the ground running. We have an experienced manager who transferred to the store.  Sarah has been an important part of the great numbers we have been seeing. We are off to a great start and looking forward to scaling our business.”  

Melissa adds, “Right now we are focusing on building a strong foundation and being intentional about creating a positive and encouraging store culture. Putting in the time and effort to show you care about your team goes a long way. That is really at the heart of the brand’s culture.”  

The Bains’ patience and persistence are paying off and they are on their way to building a business that is creating more freedom and flexibility in their lives. They are also building a family legacy. Todd says, “We are looking forward to bringing our son into the business. The hair industry tends to be recession proof and haircuts can’t be outsourced. Sport Clips has proven it can stand the test of time. We feel confident we can pass it on to him without worrying about the future economy.”  

To learn more about how Sport Clips can help you create more freedom and flexibility in your life, click here to continue the conversation 

7 Reasons Why a Haircutting Franchise is a Good Investment

If you’re looking for a smart investment in a recession resistant industry, you may want to consider hair care.     

1: Consistent and growing demand.  

Haircutting is part of a $75 billion industry. Year after year the beauty industry has had above average gains compared to the general economy. Even in economic downturns the industry has stayed stronger than the national average. Haircuts are considered part of a household’s usual expenses. Quality hair care services at a reasonable price will always be in demand.  People may cut eating out from their budgets, but they will not completely cut out haircuts, making it a fairly recession resistant investment.   

2: Recurring revenue stream.  

Haircutting is not a one and done service, but instead clients return on average one to two months, with men and boys coming in even more frequently.  It also requires a personal level of service that fosters brand loyalty. A reliable stream of repeat clients creates stability in a business.  

3: Low overhead costs.  

A haircutting business in general is a stable cash business with minimal inventory and no receivables. Operations are simple and easy to execute. There are no food margins, spoilage issues or commodity pricing to impact your bottom line.   

4: Can’t be automated or outsourced.  

Haircutting cannot be replaced by technology and therefore will not be rendered obsolete. Creating a relaxing haircut experience requires a personal touch that cannot be outsourced or automated.   

5: No previous salon experience necessary.  

When you own a haircutting salon, you can hire skilled professionals to do the haircutting, as well as a salon manager to run the daily operations. Your time can be spent on marketing the business, handling the back end of the business, and people management. These are all transferrable skills from the corporate world. A good franchisor will provide checklists, processes, training, online resources and a dedicated support team to help you successfully execute their business model.   

6: Flexibility. 

The haircutting industry lends itself well to a manager-run business model. By having the day to day operations of your business handled by someone else, you have the freedom and flexibility to maintain other commitments. This flexibility allows you to achieve your personal and financial goals on your own terms.  

7: Scalable.  

When you are not tied to the daily operations of a business, it has greater growth potential. You can expand your business beyond what you could if it was centered around you running it day to day.  

Ready to own your own Sport Clips?  Learn more about the franchise opportunity and request a conversation here.   

Jerry Eulentrop: Franchise Developer with Sport Clips

 “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

-Zig Ziglar 

These words are the foundation of how Jerry Eulentrop, Sport Clips Haircuts’ director of Franchise Development, approaches each interaction he has with a franchise candidate. “I want to help candidates get what they want and assist them in determining if Sport Clips is the right franchising vehicle for them on their road to freedom, flexibility and long-term stability,” he says.   

Eulentrop has been in franchise development for almost three decades. His impressive resume includes 14 years with The UPS Store and the last seven years with Sport Clips, two brands consistently ranked near the top of the annual Entrepreneur Franchise 500® rankings.  

Eulentrop’s extensive experience gives him the unique ability to answer candidate questions about franchising in general, as well as specifics about Sport Clips. He says, “My hope is they better understand what makes a particular franchise opportunity a good fit and why. It has to be a mutual fit.”  

This means taking into consideration a candidate’s experience, present situation and future goals and matching that to a franchise opportunity with a compatible business model, culture, values and ultimately potential return on investment.  

“I don’t want to see them struggle in a model that doesn’t fit their financial and lifestyle goals. That isn’t what is right for them and that isn’t what is right for the brand,” he explains.  

Working in franchise development has been very rewarding for Eulentrop. “I work hard to earn the right to be a trusted advisor to candidates. Many are looking for transitional entrepreneurship opportunities,” he explains. “If they are in a corporate environment, they are often experiencing burn out, seeing layoffs or some other sort of storm clouds. They are often looking for an exit strategy that allows them to keep their day job in the short run while they ramp up a business that ultimately gives them an opportunity to leave corporate America.” 

He goes on to say, “They want to build something that helps them achieve financial freedom, lifestyle flexibility and stability. One of the best parts of my job is to see people who have come to Sport Clips for those reasons and getting the call from them the day they quit their corporate job.  It’s amazing to see those goals come to fruition.”  

When interacting with franchise candidates, Eulentrop uses a “trust but verify” approach. “Right off the bat I tell candidates in our first conversation, ‘I hope to gain your trust through this process but in the meantime, you should verify what I tell you.’ I let them know they will get all their questions answered, and I can help by providing resources to facilitate that, but I will not be the one to directly answer all their questions.”  

The first step is to ensure candidates have a clear picture of what they want. He says, “They need to define their goals, both mid-term and long-term, and understand what getting there looks like. This also means having a clear picture of their roles and responsibilities to make sure the business fulfills its potential.”   

He continues, “While Sport Clips is a ‘manager-managed’ model our franchisees have regular, active engagement with their business.  They need to determine if the salon environment is something they will enjoy. It is a very different environment and is a people-first business model. They must be comfortable managing and growing people.” 

With so many tools and resources available to the Sport Clips franchisee, it ultimately comes down to following a system. Eulentrop says, “This is of utmost importance. The Sport Clips system is customer and time-tested, and it comes down to whether you can follow a proven model and system.  Likewise, a candidate in Sport Clips discovery process also needs to demonstrate they can follow the process from application and qualification through to approval. Candidates who come in with a defined timeline probably won’t be a good fit for the business model. It is important to have patience in the process.” 

Sport Clips’ discovery process is one of the most rigorous in franchising and known to turn down a fair number of candidates even up to the final stages. Eulentrop explains, “The proof is in the pudding; the brand’s high continuity rate shows they know who will succeed with the Sport Clips model.” 

When it comes to Discovery Day, Eulentrop has seen some brands treat their discovery days as a dog and pony show. But with Sport Clips, Discovery Day is about filling in the final pieces. “It allows the candidate to meet the leadership team and for both parties to see if they are a good fit for each other,” he states. “It is important for a candidate to know who they will be working with. This is usually where the final decision is made.”  

Helping people achieve their goals of diversification, a stronger retirement and more personal and financial freedom, has been rewarding for Eulentrop. He concludes, “Seeing a person who came to this process burned out from their corporate job, wanting to build something for themselves and their family, actually be able to quit their day job and grow their business, that is very rewarding. And with Sport Clips I get to see it a lot.” 

For more information of creating your own freedom plan, click here.  

Day in the Life of a Sport Clips Team Leader with Five Stores: Richard Buxbaum

Sport Clips Haircuts Team Leader Richard Buxbaum decided early on investing in the right team members would be the key to propel his business forward. “In the beginning, it’s tempting to cut corners, especially when it comes to staffing, but once you do that, you cut yourself short. In the long run, having the right people in place and truly caring about them makes all the difference,” he says.   

With a growth mindset, Buxbaum invested in an area manager right away. He explains, “When I first became a team leader, I took over two existing stores and knew I would open at least three more. I knew I needed to leverage Sport Clips’ effective manager- led business model in order to grow at the pace I wanted.”  

Buxbaum’s decision to hire an area manager with only two stores operating, whereas most team leaders wait until they have a few more stores opened, was motivated by his plans to maintain his core work as a real estate broker and developer. “I enjoy my work in commercial real estate and plan to keep my core career going, so I knew I needed this key player in place,” he explains.   

With the help of his area manager, Buxbaum has been able to leverage his time for maximum impact. “I spend about 10 to 15 hours a week going over the books and touching base with my area manager and managers,” he explains. “I also visit the stores for personal face time and to make myself available to the team. I want to show my support and keep communication open, but I also don’t want to helicopter, that doesn’t empower.” 

He continues, “Technology has played a huge part in helping everyone stay on the same page. Sport Clips uses some of the best in the industry.”  

Buxbaum credits Sport Clips’ infrastructure as setting the foundation for success. “The support and resources available to team leaders are broad and strong and the values and team culture truly set the brand apart from the others,” he states. “High-quality stylists and manager candidates are attracted to this brand because of the development opportunities available to them.”  

As Buxbaum has grown his business, he has found the semi-absentee business model has aligned with his leadership and management skills. “Success as a team requires a people-first mentality. You must be in this business for the people,” says Buxbaum. “Relationships take time and presence to build. This is not for people who are not willing to invest in that way.  

“Creating a positive environment and team culture is so important and takes intention. Some of the ways we do that is by recognizing birthdays and individual accomplishments. I also like to host parties for my teams.” 

Buxbaum’s journey to owning five stores took time. “This business model is not a get rich quick scheme.  It took me until about the fourth of fifth year to really hit my stride, which is what I had expected.” 

He concludes, “My goal is to perhaps expand to six or seven stores, this is where I feel is my sweet spot. I feel I’ve struck a really nice balance and am enjoyinig that. Stick to the model, it really does work!”  

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