Sport Clips Franchise has Immediate Opportunities in New Jersey

Iconic men’s hair franchise is actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs to open new locations in the Garden State

If you’re an entrepreneur in New Jersey and are looking for proven business opportunities that have tremendous brand awareness, unit level economics and allow you to build an empire while keeping your corporate career – look no further than Sport Clips.

Since 1993, Sport Clips has dominated the men’s hair segment – and in 2023, our brand is stronger than ever. With over 1,800 locations open or in development, Sport Clips has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs thrive in a recession-resistant business. As Sport Clips continues to lead the booming men’s hair category, we’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to take control of their futures to join us as we rapidly expand into New Jersey.

“Sport Clips is stronger than ever before,” says Edward Logan, CEO of Sport Clips. “We’ve proven that we’re not only recession-resistant, but we’re also pandemic-resistant. This is a very stable business with steady cash flow and straightforward business model. Now is a great time to invest in Sport Clips because as we head into 2023, we’re excited about the great real estate opportunities that exist right now, as well as the disruption of client behavior. As people change their buying behavior and their habits, the brands that go out and capture those clients are going to win an outsize market share. That’s going to be us because that’s how we’re thinking.”

Why New Jersey? Why Now?

There are almost nine million people in New Jersey – and of that, almost half are men. That’s nearly four million people who need to get their haircut on a regular basis.

And Sport Clips is the place that men ought to be going to. As the pioneer in the men’s haircut category, Sport Clips has focused on creating a Championship Haircut Experience for men for over 25 years. While Sport Clips has a large footprint in much of the country, New Jersey is a state that presents a large opportunity to grow. This means that the right entrepreneur can build a men’s hair empire in the Garden State.

“Sport Clips was designed from day one to be a multi-unit opportunity,” says Jim Atkinson, Vice President of Franchise Development. “This was never set up to be an individual unit where someone buys a job for the rest of their lives. Our business model is very simple: we cut hair. We built our business model to scale, and we have all the resources to scale quickly and effectively. We know when you should add resources and when to build additional infrastructure. Whether you want to scale up to three stores, five stores, 10 stores, or beyond, we have a plan that can help you get there.”

Exceptional training and ongoing support

Our business model is manager-style, which means that our franchise owners do not usually play an active role in the daily operations of their business. This is why we focus on providing you with the tools, resources, and coaching you need to thrive as a behind-the-scenes owner.

We help you master the Sport Clips business fundamentals:

  • How to hire, develop, and coach a team
  • How to manage compensation, scheduling, and recruiting
  • Understanding the roles of you, your store managers, and your stylists
  • How to use our technology to understand your financials, your store performance, client count, and more
  • How to market effectively and engage with your community
  • And much, much more!

“The Sport Clips support system is unbeatable,” says Melissa and Alan Strick, owner of one location in Maryland. “They hold your hold every step of the way, starting on day one. They help you with every aspect of the business, from training your staff, to how to create a positive in-store culture, how to market effectively, and more. Once you get past the first month, you say, “okay, how many stores are available in my market? I want all of them!”

Ready to open a Sport Clips franchise in New Jersey?

To learn more about opening a Sport Clips franchise in New Jersey, please fill out an inquiry form on this website and start a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about you!