Sport Clips’ Operational Support Team Offers Comprehensive Support

Dedicated to franchisee success, Sport Clips Haircuts offers its team leaders extensive ongoing support from the Operational Support Team. Recently, Sport Clips added value to its support in the northeast market with the addition of Patti Carr as vice president of Operations. 

Operational Support Team

Joining the team in August, Carr brings expansive expertise in operational support and almost three decades of experience across multiple franchise brands. Along with a team of six coaches, comprised of five technical coaches and one operational coach, Carr helps team leaders in the northeast implement the brand’s winning formula and maximize their revenue.  

After a store has completed its first six months with the grand opening support team, support does not end there. “Sport Clips provides team leaders with support that is ongoing and in perpetuity,” explains Carr. “My team brings another layer of support after the store has gone through the grand opening process, and stays with them, offering individualized and comprehensive operational support.” 

Meeting with team leaders in their market, Carr says, “I do a thorough business review and visit the stores, talking with managers and team members. It’s about seeking to understand and see where they could use some help operationally and financially. From there, we follow up with team leaders with an action plan.”  

In addition to providing highly individualized support, the team performs regular success checks and offers classes for team leaders and their managers on a monthly basis. They also provide a variety of resources and tools, including weekly webinars. 

Five of the coaches on Carr’s team are professionally certified technical stylists. “Stylists are the most important part of this business. We want to give them the tools and resources to provide an MVP experience. We are able to work one-on-one with stylists, as well as provide monthly classes for their continued development,” explains Carr.   

With so many years of working closely with franchisees, Carr understands what goes into creating a successful store. “Follow the system. It’s tried and true, and it works. Beyond that, you also must be able to recruit and retain quality team members,” she states. “Store culture is important to retention. Keep them motivated and keep communication open. People don’t just stay for the money, they stay when they feel valued and appreciated.”  

With a dynamic and expert support system in place, the northeast is poised for tremendous growth. Carr explains, “This is an emerging market for Sport Clips with the potential for exponential growth. Brand awareness continues to grow. There are exciting opportunities for someone to come in and scale.”   

Carr has worked with a variety of other franchise brands, so she has a unique perspective on what it takes to become a franchisee with Sport Clips. “The selection process used to vet potential franchise candidates is unlike any I have seen in franchising. Being so dedicated to franchisee success, the process is about really exploring whether this is a good fit, both ways. Sport Clips takes the time to educate candidates. Transparency is important.”  

Carr concludes, “This is a great company to be a part of. The culture at Sport Clips sets this brand apart. The team is incredible to work with. Everything I was told about the brand has shown to be true.”  

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