Why Sport Clips Haircuts Beats Food Franchise Opportunities

Sport Clips vs Food Franchise Opportunities

Labor shortages, an oversaturated market, poor hours, food inventory – increasingly, food franchise opportunities face extreme challenges and uncertainties that are intrinsic to their business model. That’s why aspiring entrepreneurs looking for best bet investments have turned to Sport Clips Haircuts, the nation’s leading hair care franchise for men & boys. A Sport Clips franchise is an easy-to-use business model that’s recession resistant, has better hours, and more flexibility for owners. Sport Clips has emerged as the brand to beat.

sport clips beats food franchise opportunitiesSpot Clips Beats Food Franchise Opportunities

So why does Sport Clips outcompete food franchises as a best bet opportunity? We’ll narrow it down to four main reasons: a superior business model, a service that is recession-resistant, incredible flexibility for franchisees, and a smart and responsible growth plan that benefits not only Sport Clips, but also individual franchisees. Let’s break it down a little further.

Business Model

For starters, food franchises are incredibly complex to run. Food franchise owners must bank on high volume to bring in profits. Plus, you have to take into account the ever-shifting cost of food, rent, staff, training, and utilities, to name a few. Restaurant owners also have to worry about food spoilage, volatile food cost, and food safety concerns.

Sport Clips franchises, on the other hand, boast a business model that’s simple in nature, with minimal inventory to track. As compared to food franchises, Sport Clips owners don’t have to worry about throwing away profits (spoiled food) or E. Coli outbreaks or other food safety concerns. Our franchisees are freed up to focus on growth and profits. Time and again, hair care has proven to be a more efficient and simpler model that is need based.


Sport Clips also boasts the edge over food franchises when it comes to the unknowns life throws at you, such as recessions. For one, haircuts can’t be outsourced or automated, which means our services will always be in demand, no matter the economy. As a result, Sport Clips continues to open stores in strategic locations in growing markets and focus on quality locations over quantity. During the 2008 – 2011 economic downtown, Sport Clips continued to grow responsibly and continued to be positioned well at the high end of the value space. As full service and luxury priced salons declined during that period, Sport Clips was proud to continue to grow while providing a value added service at a reasonable price!

If that wasn’t enough, Sport Clips also isn’t subject to commodity pricing that wildly fluctuates in times of recession. Simply put: our franchisees are not at the mercy of inflation or price increases as restaurants are. As we saw over the past two years during the pandemic, food franchises are especially vulnerable to lockdowns. Sport Clips, on the other hand, not only survived the pandemic, but experienced an unprecedented comeback after restrictions were lifted, as customers were beyond eager to get back in the barber chair.


Think of a restaurant owner, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Stress! It’s no secret – food franchise operators work long, chaotic hours. Even when the restaurant is closed to the public, managers and staff are either prepping for the day or cleaning up at night. It’s almost a 24/7 operation, which means little flexibility for franchisees. You can kiss those dreams of semi-absentee ownership goodbye.

Sport Clips franchise owners, however, can set their own hours and, because of our simple business model, can focus their time and effort on the growth of the company. With managers handling the day-to-day, Sport Clips’ semi-absentee/manager-run business model gives franchise owners the opportunity to focus on the business growth and leave day-to-day management to your trusted team. No salon experience is necessary!

Responsible growth plan

On top of it all, whereas restaurants can be found on every corner, Sport Clips has a responsible growth plan in place, adding quality locations every year. In 2021, for instance, it was estimated there were more than 188,400 quick-service franchise restaurants and over 32,000 full-service restaurant franchises in the U.S. Indeed, some of the biggest names in the food franchise industry base their entire business on unmitigated growth, no matter the health of individual franchisees.

At Sport Clips, we maintain high standards for responsible growth, making sure all our franchisees have the opportunity to thrive. It’s one of the many reasons why Sport Clips was ranked as the top hair care franchise opportunity in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 and is one of top 25 franchise brands in the country. We take care of our people, and help our franchises reach their full growth potential by becoming multi-unit owners.

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