Interview With Sport Clips Franchise Owner Richard Buxbaum

Synergizing Real Estate and Business Savvy

In a recent interview with Sport Clips Franchisee Richard Buxbaum, we dove deep into what makes his investment in Sport Clips franchise so worthwhile. Operating in the Greater Houston market in Texas, with nine units currently and another opening on the horizon, Buxbaum’s unique story is an inspiring example of how franchising with Sport Clips empowers entrepreneurs to achieve their business aspirations.

richard buxbaum

What did you do before franchising with Sport Clips?

My work in commercial real estate for many years was as a tenant-representation broker. That means I strategically help tenants like Sport Clips find the right areas in the overall market and then narrow down to the right space in a given shopping center. This was and is still done in the entire Houston market, setting up both franchisee and the Sport Clips brand for long-term success and growth.

What led you to choose a Sport Clips franchise?

At the time, I had been in the commercial real estate business for 15+ years and was looking for a business that I could build and run that I did not have to be present at all the time. I wanted to leverage my time well, which Sport Clips really allows you to do. I had already seen the inner-workings of a variety of franchise systems through the years, and Sport Clips was easily the best. My story is a little bit unique, because I had been the real estate broker for Sport Clips in Greater Houston for a long time, so I really had the opportunity to see their amazing strengths, which were, and still are, the best.

How does franchising with Sport Clips compliment your total business ownership portfolio?

It is really quite perfect for me. A number of us have a saying in Sport Clips: “Don’t work in your stores, work on your stores.” That means we don’t need to be there as owners all the time, or really too much of the time. We need to do our best to have leaders we trust in the store, mostly leave it to them, and keep our eyes on the numbers, which can tell us plenty. My Sport Clips stores fit right into what I have generally set up as my overall passive cash-flow portfolio, which also consists mostly of real estate and stock and bond portfolios, all passive or semi-passive investments. I’m often amazed at how well Sport Clips fits in—it is a great investment and business!

What do you think is unique about the Sport Clips franchise opportunity?

I really think it’s the opportunity to earn cash-flow without having to be at the stores. I understand that this is happening with other franchises, but I love that, firstly, our service can’t really be replaced, and secondly, we have a franchisor that supports us and has the same goals. To be able to have nine stores and spend the amount of time I do in the stores is a phenomenal opportunity that allows me to also grow my other businesses proactively, and this all allows me to reach my goals while enjoying life.

Also, we have said over the years that a recession doesn’t hurt us too badly, because men getting more expensive haircuts are going to come for a visit even during challenging times, which allows us to make up for the clients we might lose for a while on the other side. I think that has been true and it’s unique, but we also went through a huge test in 2020 to see what something like an outbreak and shutdown might do to our business long-term, and we shined. Sport Clips was innovative and quick to respond. We as owners came to the table quickly, and went from worrying early in the process to coming back strong, armed with new ideas on operations and long-term growth. I was happy to see that and proud of the brand—that was unique and gave me great confidence that we can sustain our great business through just about anything.

Now is a Great Time to Invest in Sport Clips

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