Interview With Sport Clips Multi Unit Franchise Owner

Franchisee Jeremy Aydell Talks Good Business

In a recent podcast episode, Jeremy Aydell, Sport Clips multi-unit franchise owner, went into detail about his experience with the brand. With an impressive portfolio of 15 locations spread across Louisiana and Mississippi, and number 16 set to open its doors soon, Jeremy Aydell’s journey is a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit we love about our franchisees.

 sport clips multi unit franchise owner

What was it specifically about franchising that appealed to you?

Previously, I was an external auditor, and got to see all kinds of different businesses and business models. That’s what led me to want to own my own business. But knowing I’ve got some limitations in being creative, the franchise model with just the basics and the support system was very intriguing to me. I think it was 2008, during the financial crisis, when I was looking into it. I wanted to invest in something that was recession-proof, which is, I feel, a haircut. Everyone needs a haircut. Something that you couldn’t outsource and something you really can’t get on the internet. The haircut was something that we felt strongly was a good business model. We looked into many different franchises in that industry, and Sport Clips far and away was the best we came across. The values of the company were second to none and aligned with us.

What about the Sport Clips model made you think this is a good investment?

I had some pretty good questions about where the money was going and fees, and what have you. Sport Clips was very quick to get me those answers. They were basically consistent with what I thought they would be. Obviously, if you’re investing money in something, you want transparency, and I thought that was a big win for us to have a company that could tell you where the finances and the fees were going.

What kind of support did Sport Clips give you starting out?

It was very important for me to have a good business model, and one where they would really help opening your first location. Yes, it’s stressful. I was an accountant that did not really know much about the hair industry. And they really, really provide a bunch of checklists, one-on-one meetings, and walk you through the whole process to simplify it for you. I don’t want to say they hold your hand, but you know, they want to set you up for success. It doesn’t behoove them to be in business with a partnership if both people aren’t on the same page, and without that support and help we wouldn’t have been as successful with our first location and growing so fast over the years.

Are you meeting your personal and professional goals with Sport Clips?

Oh, absolutely. It’s allowed me to chase some other interests of mine, including investing in real estate. It’s having financial and personal freedom to do what I want to do with my other passions. I’ve really, really enjoyed the workforce, and the stylist industry more than I ever thought I would have. I would say that I’m very, very passionate about the cosmetology industry. I think it’s a great industry, we need some reform there. Right now, it’s a little costly for these stylists to go to school. But I know we’re making some progress there. Being a leader in my area, that’s something else. That’s a passion of mine, making sure that stylists are going to good schools, getting a good education, but that they’ll also be able to pay for that education when they get out.

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