Why Sport Clips is a Great Franchise for Veterans

Top-rated hair cutting franchise is focused on helping our heroes thrive as business owners

Gordon Logan, Founder of Sport Clips, knew as a U.S. veteran of the military, he wanted to create a franchise for veterans. One that would serve as the perfect transition for members of the military wanting to run their own business.

Nearly three decades later, Logan has set up a franchise that propels U.S. veterans into the next stage of their life as business owners by investing in Sport Clips.

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“Veterans are well-suited for franchising. They’re used to working within a system and executing with precision,” Logan said. “And they have an attitude that failure is not an option, and mission and goal-oriented. Sport Clips is wonderful for veterans and we have wonderful veteran Team Leaders.”

Indeed, Sport Clips has shown not just by its words, but also by its actions, just how committed the company is to the people who serve our country.

Supporting our Veterans

Sport Clips has raised more than $3 million to help hospitalized U.S. Service members through the Help A Hero program. The company also supports the Aleethia Foundation, which helps injured service members through a number of different services. Plus, Sport Clips donates to many nonprofits, including the Honto Flight Network, Veterans Airlift Command, and VetFran.

Sport Clips is also the primary sponsor for The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring seniors and U.S. military veterans. They provide “Dream Flights” in a Boeing Stearman biplane, a WWII era aircraft.

One of the most meaningful contributions is the business opportunity Sport Clips provides to members of the military coming back to civilian life and wanting to be their own boss. As a company founded by a veteran, Sport Clips is passionate about creating opportunities for veterans to thrive in business.

A Franchise for Veterans

Cheston Syma, who has served in the U.S. Marines for six years, had just completed his service when he was looking for the right opportunity to invest in. He eventually found Sport Clips and now runs 41 stores throughout Texas and Illinois.

“My experience in the military, specifically the Marines, helped me in my franchise career, mainly due to the leadership, organizational, people management, and time management skills they taught me,” he said. “We, as members of the military, are used to following systems. A franchise is a perfect transition from the military because of the systems in place and the turnkey model.”

Now has never been a better time to explore franchise opportunities with Sport Clips. Qualified veterans interested in owning a Sport Clips are eligible for a 20% discount off of Sport Clips through our partnership with VetFran.

“This business was started by a veteran. As a veteran, I was looking for a business that had the formula for success,” Syma said. “There’s no guessing as to how to succeed with Sport Clips. All you have to do is follow the formula. The great thing is the bigger I get, the more opportunities I get to create for people, and the bigger the impact I get to have. That’s what drives me.”

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