From Stylist To Owner

How Three Sport Clips Haircuts Franchisees Built Their Future

Sport Clips Haircuts has established itself as the “Pros in Men’s Hair” and a reliable choice for men’s haircuts nationwide. What sets Sport Clips apart to its clients is a product of the work environment fostered by store leadership. For some store owners, managing a team of stylists comes second nature, because they got their start as stylists themselves.

Amanda Mazzone, owner of three Sport Clips locations in the New Jersey area, has been with the franchise since she was 22 years old, when she started out as a coordinator with dreams of becoming a stylist. Mazzone was drawn to this work as a child, because she saw other stylists carrying themselves with incredible confidence. “I loved who they were as people,” she said. Mazzone brought this people focused approach to her management style, where she prioritizes building relationships and treating employees and clients with kindness. The perspective gained through experience as a stylist provides substantial benefits when it comes to leading a team.

from stylist to owner

“It has an advantage, because you know what you are doing, and the stylists always say ‘You understand us better’,” said Almaz Haile, who began her journey with the franchise in 2000 as a stylist. Management positions require an ability to multitask and think on your feet, skills that Haile learned through working as both a stylist and manager. The insight into all the roles that make up a Sport Clips team is a glimpse into what sets the brand apart from others.

from stylist to owner

“I’ve seen other shops where they don’t care about their employees, but with Sport Clips, the way we focus on the culture of the store and how we focus on the team members, that mentality helps drive us to how successful it has been in every state,” said Gregory Zotian, who also began as a barber to gain experience before owning his own stores.

from stylist to owner

The Sport Clips Difference

The Sport Clips difference extends from the team member culture to the service enjoyed by the client. Zotian said Sport Clips is unique because it focuses on cultivating the specialized in-store experience, elevating it above a simple haircut. Mazzone adds, “It’s not just a haircut, it’s an entire experience.”

And working within the Sport Clips franchise allows store owners (team leaders) to focus on cultivating the extraordinary client experience they are known for, instead of spending time on some of the elemental concerns solo store owners have. From on-going education to employee assistance to operations to human resources to a brand marketing team, the Sport Clips franchise supports its store owners by allowing them to devote their time where it matters: their team members and clients.

However, that doesn’t mean managing your own store doesn’t come without long hours and hard work. The biggest piece of advice all three stylists/barber turned owners gave to others looking to follow their footsteps? Work hard. “I tell them the grass is greener here, because we make it green,” Haile said, speaking to the importance of putting in effort to get yourself where you want to go. “It doesn’t happen overnight,” she said, “but with hard work you can get there.”

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Whether you are interested in a career as a stylist or in becoming a franchisee, Sport Clips provides the resources and support you need to pursue a rewarding, lifelong career. To learn more, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today.

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