Day in the Life of a Sport Clips Multi Unit Franchise Owner

Sport Clips Haircuts Team Leader Richard Buxbaum decided early on investing in the right team members would be the key to propel his business forward. “In the beginning, it’s tempting to cut corners, especially when it comes to staffing, but once you do that, you cut yourself short. In the long run, having the right people in place and truly caring about them makes all the difference,” he says. Keep reading to see what the life of a Sport Clips team leader and multi unit franchise owner details!

With a growth mindset, Buxbaum invested in an area manager right away. Richard Buxbaum explains, “When I first became a team leader, I took over two existing stores and knew I would open at least three more. I knew I needed to leverage Sport Clips’ effective manager- led business model in order to grow at the pace I wanted.”  

Buxbaum’s decision to hire an area manager with only two stores operating, whereas most team leaders wait until they have a few more stores opened, was motivated by his plans to maintain his core work as a real estate broker and developer. “I enjoy my work in commercial real estate and plan to keep my core career going, so I knew I needed this key player in place,” he explains.   

With the help of his area manager, Buxbaum has been able to leverage his time for maximum impact. “I spend about 10 to 15 hours a week going over the books and touching base with my area manager and managers,” he explains. “I also visit the stores for personal face time and to make myself available to the team. I want to show my support and keep communication open, but I also don’t want to helicopter, that doesn’t empower.” 

He continues, “Technology has played a huge part in helping everyone stay on the same page. Sport Clips uses some of the best in the industry.”  

Buxbaum credits Sport Clips’ infrastructure as setting the foundation for success. “The support and resources available to team leaders are broad and strong, and the values and team culture truly set the brand apart from the others,” he states. “High-quality stylists and manager candidates are attracted to this brand because of the development opportunities available to them.”  

As Buxbaum has grown his business, he has found the semi-absentee business model has aligned with his leadership and management skills. “Success as a team requires a people-first mentality. You must be in this business for the people,” says Buxbaum. “Relationships take time and presence to build. This is not for people who are not willing to invest in that way.  

“Creating a positive environment and team culture is so important and takes intention. Some of the ways we do that is by recognizing birthdays and individual accomplishments. I also like to host parties for my teams.” 

Buxbaum’s journey to owning five stores took time. “This business model is not a get rich quick scheme. It took me until about the fourth of fifth year to really hit my stride, which is what I had expected.” 

He concludes, “My goal is to perhaps expand to six or seven stores. This is where I feel is my sweet spot. I feel I’ve struck a really nice balance and am enjoying that. Stick to the model, it really does work!”  

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