Is This The Year To Invest In The Hair Franchise Industry?

The Year of the Franchise

As millions of Americans reevaluated their career paths in the past few years and decided they want to control their own fate by running their own business, 2022 has truly become the year of the franchise, and for most, the best time to jump into the franchise industry.

Indeed, the COVID pandemic reversed a decades-long decline in the pace of entrepreneurship. According to a report in Vox, a record 5.4 million Americans applied for business IDs in 2021, with 2022 on track to surpass that number.

Even Forbes magazine reported that as many businesses struggled during the pandemic, franchises thrived. For so many Americans who wanted to run their own business, they chose the franchise model, which offers so many advantages, such as a proven operating strategy, strong backing support and brand awareness.

“After nearly two years of economic uncertainty, more and more people are following their entrepreneurial dreams and taking control of their destiny through business ownership,” Forbes wrote. “As a result, interest in franchising is reaching an unprecedented high, and 2022 is set to be a year of major franchise growth.”

Salon Franchise Industry is Booming

The hair care and beauty industry has seen this same remarkable growth in the past few years. In the U.S. alone, the hair and beauty industry generated $64 billion in revenue in 2018, with the 50 largest salons accounting for about 15% of sales.

According to a report Trafft, the market could hit $87 billion by 2023!

“The hair care and beauty industry is dynamic and continues to grow at a rapid pace,” Trafft reported. “Consumers are always looking for the latest trends and the best hair care products and services. Their needs are always changing. In order to meet these demands, the hair industry continues to develop and evolve.”

Why Invest In Sport Clips?

All over the country, our franchisees are reporting their customers are restless to get back in the barber chair and reconnect with the people who have cut their hair for years. That’s why we believe Sport Clips is truly poised for a banner year in business and growth in 2022 and beyond.

But don’t just take our word for it – Sport Clips is consistently one of the highest ranked hair franchises among franchise industry experts.

sportsclips franchise industry

Franchise Rankings

Entrepreneur magazine ranked Sport Clips as the No. 24 best franchise to invest in for 2022 on its esteemed “Franchise 500” ranking, beating out hundreds of other franchises across a swath of other markets and industries. Entrepreneur highlighted the brand’s low initial investment costs, training & support program, recent growth, and ability for franchisees to scale up.

Top Franchise, one of the premier trackers in the franchise industry, also recently listed Sport Clips as one of the top 10 best haircut franchise businesses opportunities out there.

“For entrepreneurs looking to build a business, Sport Clips franchise is an easy-to-understand business model that’s simple to execute while offering something every guy needs,” Top Franchise wrote in its rankings. “Enjoy greater freedom and reach your personal and financial goals, growing a business on your terms that will always be in demand and has recurring revenue.”

Last but certainly not least, NerdWallet, the go-to spot for so many Americans and their business needs, recently reported Sport Clips was among the top hair salon franchises for 2022, pointing out Sport Clips has grown from about 50 stores in 1998 to now more than 1,800 locations across the U.S.

Franchise Support

Sport Clips is here to support our franchisees as they grow their businesses, and that starts from the ground up.

From day one, Sport Clips has an entire team dedicated to helping our franchisees secure the right location, implementing GIS technology, as well as demographic and psychographic data. We also have long-term relationships with landlords and developers, which has a tremendous advantage in helping secure a location.

We also make a team of coaches available for you to utilize to train your managers and stylists, and outfit you with a comprehensive marketing strategy to make sure you reach customers in your community.

At the end of the day, you’ll have all the tools and support you need to master all the Sport Clips business fundamentals, including how to hire and develop a team, manage compensation, scheduling, and recruiting, understand team roles, use our technology to understand financials, market effectively, engage with your community, and much, much more!

Invest In The Hair Industry Today!

Hair care and beauty industry studies show customers are eager to get back to scheduled appointments after shutdowns temporarily closed salons and barbershops in the early days of the pandemic. Not surprisingly, nearly 80% of consumers said that regular salon and spa services are critical to regain a sense of normalcy as the world reopens.

This is exactly the case at Sport Clips. Founded in 1993, Sport Clips has grown to over 1,800 locations in North America and is the only hair cutting franchise to have a footprint in all 50 states.

If you’re ready to invest in a Sport Clips at this exciting time for franchising, fill out our form here and one of our team members will be in touch. We can’t wait to start a conversation with you!

Three Types of Franchise Ownership

Not Every Franchise Is The Same

Not all franchises are the same, therefore not all franchises are created equally. That’s why there are different types of franchise ownership.

It’s truly a common misconception that the franchise model is a one-size-fits-all. When you break down the facts, you start to realize every franchise is unique. Some run very differently from others, especially depending on the services and/or products offered.

What’s more, not every franchise support team is the same. Some cater less to franchisee success, while others are very hands-on, with you every step of the way. At Sport Clips, we make sure our franchisees are set up to thrive, providing you with well-documented systems, a strong support team, and a proven business model to help your entrepreneurial dreams become reality.

Not Every Franchisee Is The Same

Not only do franchise systems differ, but so do the people who run them. In fact, franchisees can come from an incredibly diverse background from all types of careers and previous work experience.

It’s common for people who enter the franchise model to have a multi-level franchise portfolio, which allows individual business owners to diversify their revenue streams and product/service offerings.

At the same time, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs just starting their franchise journey. According to a report in NPR, applications to start new businesses hit 5.4 million in 2021 – a new record – surpassing the 2020 record of 4.4 million. “In the pandemic, millions of people have decided this is the moment to chase their dreams,” NPR reported.

Also, people who start franchises also aren’t limited by lifestyle. Some are retirees, looking for a new, exciting adventure in the next stage of their career. Others have families and are just starting to build a life for themselves and their loved ones.

Across the board, we see all types of people decide the franchise system is the right call for them, like immigrants building their life in America, and veterans looking for the best opportunity after their years of service.

Without a doubt, we’ve seen so many franchisees, some with experience in hair care, some without, find incredible success with Sport Clips.

sport clips franchise types of franchise ownership


The first type of franchise ownership we’ll talk about is “owner/operator.”

With this model, you are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, which allows you to maintain total control over your investment. As an owner/operator, you make all the decisions. Typically, this model is the first step for a first-time franchisee.

Some drawbacks to consider: this model can be time consuming, and will likely require you to give up your day job (if you have one) and that income. And, because one unit will require long hours, it will take a while before you are able to expand.

However, your costs for employees will be lower compared to other models since you are in charge. This is a great model for detail oriented people who like to have control over every aspect of the business.


Looking solely for an investment opportunity? Then the executive/absentee model is the fit for you.

Since you hire out all functions of the business and don’t get into the nitty-gritty of day-to-day operations, your time commitment is minimal and no industry knowledge is required. If applicable, you can maintain your current job and commitments. Lastly, this model allows for incredible growth, since you can run multiple locations in a backseat, management style.

Some cons: you’ll have higher staffing and operational costs. You trust your success with your employees, which may require you to invest more capital to hire the right people for the job.


Think of a semi-absentee model as a blend of the owner/operator and executive/absentee. This model is ideal if you want additional income and to build equity to diversify your current income. Yes, you hire staff for day-to-day operations, but you focus on leading the business strategy and managing the managers. As a result, this is a good model for people who like to manage, with no industry knowledge required. And, it allows you to own multiple locations because of the investment’s scalability.

Indeed, this franchise model combines the control of an owner/operator model with the time commitment of the executive/absentee model.

What Makes Franchising With Sport Clips Different?

With Sport Clips, our franchisees are focused on a higher level of personal engagement when it comes to their locations. The type of franchise ownership that works at Sport Clips is a people first version of the semi-absentee model. As part of the franchise application/evaluation process, we ensure candidates are a great fit for the culture and requirements of the Sport Clips model. At the same time, we give careful consideration that franchisees are compatible with our business model. Enthusiasm is something many brands ignore, but it is a must at SportClips. It’s embedded in our culture and aligns our franchisees for long-term success in attracting and keeping the best stylist in the industry.

From day one, we make sure our franchisees have every possible resource at their disposal, offering one of the most robust support platforms in the entire industry. We focus on providing you with the tools, resources, and coaching you need to thrive as a business owner, whether you’re just starting out or adding to a complex franchise portfolio.

Ready to start your next chapter as a Sport Clips Team Leader?

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Multi-Unit Sport Clips Team Leaders Featured for Strong Business Culture

Established Sport Clips team leaders open up about how a strong business culture creates a recipe for scalability and continual growth

“Workplace culture” is a term that often gets thrown around as an important aspect of a business, but it’s not often a company makes it a priority. That’s where Val Hill and Jared Lee step in for the Sport Clips Franchise.

Hill and Lee run more than 40 Sport Clips Haircuts franchises throughout Arizona, Oregon and Washington. And what’s been their secret to success? Making sure the workplace culture is one all team members want to be part of. Not only does a positive culture in the workplace lead to strong team member engagement, but it also improves the overall happiness of staff, increases productivity, and helps retention and recruitment efforts.

Hill and Lee, who met in business school at Brigham Young University, realized during the COVID pandemic it was going to take some serious financial management and business acumen to survive. But they relied on the strength of the relationships they’d built with their teams and worked with them to meet the challenges of the pandemic head on.

“I would say one of the key aspects that helped us is that we didn’t lay anyone off,” Hill told The Chandler Arizonan in a feature piece about their Sport Clips franchise locations. “We continued to pay all of our people, and this was before the PPP loan or any of that. We made the determination that our people are our biggest asset, and we need to take care of our people.”

While other people were losing their jobs and relying on unemployment, Hill and Lee paid their teams’ full salaries when businesses were forced to close due to local mandates. The two businessmen were able to pull this off because, with incredible foresight and planning, they had been fiscally conservative and had saved enough money during the good times in anticipation of any potential rocky times.

customer checkout / Strong Business Culture


And because Hill and Lee paid their staff during shutdowns, they were in a unique position to hit the ground running once restrictions were lifted, a time when many other businesses had lost their staff and were forced to find people to rehire – further proof that investing in the workplace and staff pays off in the end.

“I think what that helped us do is that it helped us get us reopened quickly,” Hill said.

As a result of how the two men expertly created such a strong culture among their team members and navigated the uncharted territories of the pandemic, they were named Sport Clips Franchise Team Leaders of the Year for 2020. Hill and Lee have been successful Sport Clips franchisees for more than a decade, reinvesting in their business to be able to open more locations. And how do just two businessmen handle operating more than 40 locations in three states? They’ll tell you it’s the people they hire and trust.

“The key to it all is you have to have good people that you work with,” Lee said. “We have an amazing group of area managers and store managers.”

Hill added staff are empowered to take on larger roles, “The store manager views that store as her store. They’re empowered to hire and fire and spend money to buy what they need. We don’t constrain them much.”

Ready to start your next chapter as a Sport Clips Team Leader?

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Sport Clips Franchise Review: Meet Wayne Freeman

How one entrepreneur made the leap out of corporate America and into multi-unit business ownership

Wayne Freeman was just starting his career in the corporate world when he came to realize all the fear and worry over job security that comes with working for Fortune 500 companies. That’s when he started thinking about business ownership.

“I was seeing colleagues concerned whether they were going to get caught in a layoff, and I didn’t want to be the age I am now, and concerned about that,” Freeman said. “So really it wasn’t until I was in the corporate world and saw people not in control of their own destiny and earnings it occurred to me that I wanted to get that control for myself. I wanted to build my own business.”

And that he did. Freeman now owns 39 Sport Clips franchises throughout Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota.

“I started researching the company and it was a good fit,” Freeman said. “The model worked very well for us.”

In this wide-ranging interview, Freeman explained how he adjusted to running his own business, how to keep employees feeling valued, and why now is the right time to invest in the Sport Clips franchise.

Q: Coming from the corporate world, how did you learn the ropes as a new business owner?

A: A lot of it is trial by fire, but also my professional experience really came into play. We always had an eye toward scalability, and we needed to make sure the business was in a position to operate as semi-absentee franchise owners. So, we came in with the mindset of having our store managers be decision makers and have autonomy. We put systems in place for ordering and considered ourselves a support role. We’ve been able to replicate that as we’ve scaled the business.

Q: So you put a lot of trust in team leaders?

A: They are the experts in terms of operations of the store. Early on, we stood behind the cash register to understand the flow of things. But they’re definitely the experts. We want the culture to be one of them having the confidence to make decisions on their own.

Q: And do you find this approach retains employees?

A: We definitely have tenured team members, some for 10+ years. How do we do that? I think it’s just demonstrating day in and out that we genuinely care about our team members. We’ve always been family first as to how we approach things. We have an understanding that we all have lives outside of work. I think empathy connects them with us and lets them know we have vested in their success and future.

Q: How many employees do you have?

A: We are shy of 300. While that means to me it’s harder to connect individually with team members, I believe we’ve created a culture where we’re still making connections at some level. And you realize how these folks depend on you for their own livelihood.

Q: Do you find team leaders have a voice within the organization?

A: Team leaders absolutely have a voice within the organization. I can assure team leaders that corporate offices very much listen and care deeply. They are always listening, and we’ve seen that play out over the last 18 months for sure.

Q: What are your hopes for the future?

A: I hope we continue to grow and challenge our own economics to make sure we’re on the leading edge, in terms of what compensation looks like to hair stylists. We want to make sure we’re paying well and provide a good lifestyle for the people who work with us.

Q: And finally, why should people invest in Sport Clips?

A: I continue to think Sport Clips is not only an amazing brand with family ownership that cares deeply and is invested in our success, but I also think we’re in a space that is recession proof. During the 2008 downturn, we were in a nice spot in the market. People continue to need haircuts. And so, as long as we are able to provide predictable, consistent, top-quality service, we think there’s longevity for hair cutting in general and Sport Clips in particular.

Transition out of corporate America for good with Sport Clips

If you’re interested in business ownership with a Sport Clips franchise, simply fill out an inquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

Why Investing In A Sport Clips Franchise Was Right For The McMurdos

A mother and son open up about their experience as multi-unit franchise owners with Sport Clips

The McMurdo family first started thinking about investing in a Sport Clips franchise in the mid-2000s to set up a family business to provide financial stability and security for years to come.

More than a decade later, with the McMurdo’s 17 store locations throughout Colorado, it’s safe to say the family made a good call.

“We were just really impressed by the model and the simplicity of it,” said Riley McMurdo. “It’s been a great journey.”

Tina McMurdo started the Sport Clip franchise with her husband, Ted. She said investing in a Sport Clips has been rewarding to provide a profitable and growing business opportunity to her children.

“It’s wonderful. It’s what we wanted and dreamt about,” Tina said. “We’ve seen a lot of growth and we’ve enjoyed working with each other. It’s fun.”


In this interview, Tina and her son, Riley, talk about why Sport Clips is a great family business, how the business model provides a healthy work/life balance, and even offer tips on how to run a successful company with your family.

Q: Just to start off, what’s the secret to working with your family?

Riley: The secret is: don’t let business get involved outside of business. Try to temper business talks at Thanksgiving. Don’t make everything about the business, and remember you’re family and love each other.

Q: Would you say Sport Clips provides a healthy work/life balance?

Riley: Absolutely. Sport Clips provides a lot of flexibility with your schedule. We basically make our own schedule. But it’s important to remember: it is your business. It’s how much you put into it that determines how successful you’ll be.

Q: But it sounds like Sport Clips has provided a rewarding lifestyle for your family?

Riley: Oh yeah! But it takes a lot of hard work to get to where we’re at now. We’ve been doing this 11 years, so just know it doesn’t happen overnight. But we’re at a place now where we can have perks. It’s just really satisfying, and we feel blessed. We know we’ve put in the hard work, but we’re blessed to be where we are.

Q: What values do you think have made your businesses successful?

Tina: I think it comes down to the fact that we care for each other. Sometimes, we have hard discussions, but we don’t carry that outside the meeting. We try to be respectful of everyone. We spend a lot of time with each other, and you have to like that – and we do.

Q: How important are your stylists to the business?

Riley: We consider them an extended part of our family. Everyone wants to be an employer of choice, and we do that by making sure they feel appreciated and know how much they mean to us. We really just try and show our appreciation anyway we can. We want them to know they are the lifeblood of this business, and they’re important to us and our success.

Q: Why is Sport Clip a great family business?

Riley: Because it’s a model of simplicity. It has operations managers, behind-the-scenes admin workers, and we’ve fit into those roles perfectly. It’s a family business, because that’s how it’s been set up from the beginning. Sport Clips is on your side and wants to see your family succeed.

Ready to build an extraordinary family business with Sport Clips?

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Why Sport Clips is a Great Franchise for Veterans

Top-rated hair cutting franchise is focused on helping our heroes thrive as business owners

Gordon Logan, Founder of Sport Clips, knew as a U.S. veteran of the military, he wanted to create a franchise for veterans. One that would serve as the perfect transition for members of the military wanting to run their own business.

Nearly three decades later, Logan has set up a franchise that propels U.S. veterans into the next stage of their life as business owners by investing in Sport Clips.

Entrepreneur franchise 500 top franchise for veterans

“Veterans are well-suited for franchising. They’re used to working within a system and executing with precision,” Logan said. “And they have an attitude that failure is not an option, and mission and goal-oriented. Sport Clips is wonderful for veterans and we have wonderful veteran Team Leaders.”

Indeed, Sport Clips has shown not just by its words, but also by its actions, just how committed the company is to the people who serve our country.

Supporting our Veterans

Sport Clips has raised more than $3 million to help hospitalized U.S. Service members through the Help A Hero program. The company also supports the Aleethia Foundation, which helps injured service members through a number of different services. Plus, Sport Clips donates to many nonprofits, including the Honto Flight Network, Veterans Airlift Command, and VetFran.

Sport Clips is also the primary sponsor for The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring seniors and U.S. military veterans. They provide “Dream Flights” in a Boeing Stearman biplane, a WWII era aircraft.

One of the most meaningful contributions is the business opportunity Sport Clips provides to members of the military coming back to civilian life and wanting to be their own boss. As a company founded by a veteran, Sport Clips is passionate about creating opportunities for veterans to thrive in business.

A Franchise for Veterans

Cheston Syma, who has served in the U.S. Marines for six years, had just completed his service when he was looking for the right opportunity to invest in. He eventually found Sport Clips and now runs 41 stores throughout Texas and Illinois.

“My experience in the military, specifically the Marines, helped me in my franchise career, mainly due to the leadership, organizational, people management, and time management skills they taught me,” he said. “We, as members of the military, are used to following systems. A franchise is a perfect transition from the military because of the systems in place and the turnkey model.”

Now has never been a better time to explore franchise opportunities with Sport Clips. Qualified veterans interested in owning a Sport Clips are eligible for a 20% discount off of Sport Clips through our partnership with VetFran.

“This business was started by a veteran. As a veteran, I was looking for a business that had the formula for success,” Syma said. “There’s no guessing as to how to succeed with Sport Clips. All you have to do is follow the formula. The great thing is the bigger I get, the more opportunities I get to create for people, and the bigger the impact I get to have. That’s what drives me.”

Ready to start your next chapter as a Sport Clips Team Leader?

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Why This Pro Realtor and Massage Therapist Own A Sport Clips Franchise

Joe Gulino has successfully managed teams throughout his career, whether it was for a major soft drink company, the telecom industry, or now, in real estate. He’s in the process of expanding his team from Nevada to have a presence in Tampa, Florida. Meanwhile, his wife Ambre has been a massage therapist at one of the largest resort and entertainment properties in Las Vegas. Even though their careers seem very different in scope, they’ve made the career decision to do something together…invest in a franchise. They chose Sport Clips Haircuts primarily because Joe has been a happy client for more than eight years. 

“I haven’t had a haircut anywhere else but Sport Clips for almost a decade,” says Joe. “I enjoy the convenience and flexibility of scheduling and love the scalp massage and face towel that come with the signature MVP experience.” 

The couple did their homework and have these four top reasons why Sport Clips is the franchise investment for them: 

1: The People

There is team camaraderie between stylists in the stores. Joe says it’s something he’s familiar with from his work and he was able to see and experience it repeatedly as a client over many years. 

2: The Product

The simplicity of the business model and limited product line is easy to execute and get on board with for franchisees and team members.  

3: The Efficiency

Getting online to get “in line” makes it easy for men and boys to know when a stylist is ready for a client to come in. Joe says Sport Clips has really used the best elements of technology to make the process efficient for everyone. 

4: The Leadership

Both Ambre and Joe learned through the discovery process how much the leadership wants to be involved in educating and supporting potential and current franchisees…all the way to the founder. 

Ambre and Joe are in the process of locating where they will build the first of three stores in Florida. They say the Sport Clips investment is one they’re making for themselves and their family with the long-term goal of it becoming their primary business interest. The semi-absentee franchise model for which Sport Clips is known will allow them the freedom to visit their four children who live all around the country and to enjoy their outdoor interests in snorkeling, mountain biking, and hiking. 

Join Joe and Ambre Gulino and own your Sport Clips franchise today!

If the semi-absentee business model sounds interesting to you, fill out our franchise information form, and check out our research pages! 


Sport Clips Team Leader Profile: Erikal and Daryl Roberts

 A bold step during the pandemic opened the door for encouragement and support from the Sport Clips Haircuts franchise community for Erikal and Daryl Roberts  

Erikal and Daryl Roberts, two of the newest Sport Clips Haircuts franchisees, were inspired to take a bold business step during the pandemic…investing in a franchise.   

Erikal says, “The pandemic forced me to take a look at my personal and professional life.” She realized she wanted more personal fulfillment than what her corporate job afforded. After this epiphany, Erikal told her husband, Daryl, she was going to look at other options for bringing in an income.   

Erikal suggested the idea of franchising, something that she had never considered before. Daryl liked the idea of franchising, because they could have a plan for the future and grow a business that would benefit the next generations of their family. He was excited at the possibility of the pair building something together while he maintained his corporate work.  

Sport Clips immediately jumped out to Erikal during the research process. She says that the mission statement, “to create a Championship Haircut Experience in an exciting sports environment”, captured her attention. As an avid sports fan, this concept spoke to Erikal. The new franchise owner loved the idea of having sports as a part of the haircut experience. She says, “Sports bring everybody together and, in this time, we need unity.”   

Daryl and Erikal sat down together and wrote out pros and cons for opening their own Sport Clips store. At the end of the session, the pair revealed that there was no reason for them not to go through with the purchase. They were immediately impressed by the extensive amount of support and resourceful information they received from the very beginning. Fellow franchisees offered advice, encouragement, and well wishes. Repeatedly, the new owners were told “the key to success is trusting the process,” Daryl laughs, “especially since neither of us knows anything about cutting hair.”   

Erikal says from the beginning she noticed that everyone within the Sport Clips community had great relationships with one another and were very open. The couple felt as though they had a team that had their back throughout the entire process of opening up their store and into the future.  

“The community that surrounds Sport Clips reinforces that we made the right decision, because these are the kind of people we want to be involved with,” Daryl says.  

Invest in a Sport Clips franchise today!

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Sport Clips Team Leader Profile: Shannon Whitley

After the birth of their second child, Shannon Whitley and her husband, Taylor, wanted to raise their girls closer to family. They moved back to Whitley’s hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas. However, a long commute to her job as project manager in the health industry in Houston, along with 60- to 70-hour work weeks, began to wear on her. Whitley found herself open to the idea of finding new ways to create personal and financial freedom in her life.  

Shannon Whitley

Whitley’s father, a prominent business owner in her hometown, always taught her the importance of community involvement, and she saw entrepreneurship as a way to invest in her community, while also investing in herself. But with a full-time job and being a new mother, she was not actively looking for a business opportunity.  

Then a family friend approached her with an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Butch Gentry, owner of the local Sport Clips Haircuts, asked Whitley if she would be interested in becoming his business partner.  “Butch was looking to grow his business, and my experience and skillset complemented his so well,” she explains. “He’s a great guy, and I knew I could learn a lot from him as well. That is important in a partnership.” 

“As I looked at the Sport Clips model, I saw how well it is put together. I wouldn’t be starting from scratch; all the systems are in place. The core values of the brand were in alignment with my personal values. It was the kind of organization I wanted to be a part of because of the value it places on people and team culture,” Whitley continues. “Plus, my dad and husband had been clients there for years and were fans. All around it was a good fit. I may not have had haircare experience, but I understand the client experience, that and I am always up for a challenge, so I said yes.”  

In 2015, Whitley partnered with Gentry, and by the next year they began construction on their second store. Ready to be rid of the long commute and long work hours, she quit her corporate job to focus on their growing business.  

Whitley compared her corporate experience in medical office build out and staffing to the process with Sport Clips. “In my old job, I had to create a lot of the processes and spreadsheets from scratch. With Sport Clips, they had all of that in place already. I didn’t have to recreate it on my own. It took the guesswork out of much of the process. It was very well put together. It made my job much easier.”  

As the business was growing, Whitley suffered a personal tragedy. Her husband, Taylor, passed away suddenly from cardiac disease at the age of 38. “Knowing that my girls and I were going to be ok financially was a huge blessing during that time. The financial stability the recurring revenue stream provides sets up for the future. And I had the flexibility to be there when my kids needed me the most.” 

For Whitley, community leadership and providing a service to the community were important goals. Whitley established a foundation in her late husband’s name, providing character-based scholarships and grants to high school and college students who “show up” in meaningful ways for the people around them. “Taylor had this motto that he took with him in all areas of his life, from his career on the football field to his work as a vice president of sales to his role as a husband and a father. It was “Show up. Give a flip. Repeat.” So that is what we named the foundation. We want to recognize young people who are making a difference by valuing others. It’s amazing to see what an impact recognizing young people for doing selfless acts really has on them and those around them. I see people looking for the good in others, just like Taylor did.”  

Through all of this, Whitley and her business partner Gentry are looking toward the future and opening their third store. The systems and processes in place as part of Sport Clips’ proven business model have given them the framework to scale in a sustainable way.  For Whitley, growing the business had to be in a way that made sense for her family. “The flexibility that comes with being a business owner is really important to me. My kids barely know I even have a job, because I have so much control over my schedule. As a mother, being a Sport Clips team leader has been a good fit for my lifestyle and personal goals.”  

Join the Sport Clips franchise family today!

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Sport Clips Maintains Growth & Receives Accolades During the Pandemic

While some companies struggled to maintain growth during the pandemic, Sport Clips Haircuts has stayed strong through temporary closures to earn the respect and recognition of its peers by ranking in the top 20 of Entrepreneur “Franchise 500.” 

Entrepreneur recognizes franchises in its ranking for exceptional performance in areas including financial strength and stability, brand strength, size and growth, costs and fees, and support. We jumped up 20 places in 2020 to be ranked number 17 in 2021.  

Jim Atkinson, Sport Clips vice president of franchise development, said, “We are delighted to be recognized by Entrepreneur, as this is a real testament to all the efforts our support team put forth to sustain the system through unprecedented times, save stores, and further collaborate with our franchisees and advisory council members.” 

Our new ranking with Entrepreneur reminds us that a thoughtful approach, teamwork, and commitment pay off.  Additionally, Sport Clips ranked as the #60 franchise in this year’s Franchise Direct’s “Top 100 Global Franchises”, as well as ranking #9 in Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchises list. 

growth during COVID-19

Navigating Uncharted Territory with Franchisees 

Since our inception in 1993, we’ve worked to become a strong, success-oriented franchise network with a high-quality support team focused on unit-level success.  We were committed to working hand-in-hand during the pandemic—often virtually—to navigate the uncharted territory we faced in 2020. We believe we have come through it stronger than we have ever been.  

A significant part of our success during pandemic-related closures was franchisees and team members adapting to the ever-changing environment to serve our valued clients in a safe, sanitary, and efficient setting. Maintaining a “Championship Haircut Experience” was also part of our success plan.  

Edward Logan, Sport Clips president and CEO, said, “We recognized early in 2020, when the degree of disruption about to occur became clear, that those who handle the rapid change with the most complete approach will grow and accelerate faster than others and be in a better competitive position moving into the future.”  

Continued Recognition for Growth & Increased Sales 

growth during COVID-19

Because we made sure to have a solid plan in place during and after temporary closures, Sport Clips was able to continue expanding our reach and getting recognized for it. We ranked the number 60 franchise in Franchise Direct’s 2021 “Top 100 Global Franchises.” This ranking focuses explicitly on sales revenue, growth, franchising years, corporate citizenship, and more. 

As the first hair franchise or beauty salon business with a presence in all 50 states, we continue to exceed expectations and make our presence known. With over 1,800 locations across North America, we are primed to continue growing even as we see a potential second wave of the pandemic this year.  

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