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Don’t Get Overwhelmed with Franchising!

In the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, many find themselves yearning for a change. The monotony and overwhelming pressure can take a toll on even the most tenacious individuals. You, too, have reached a tipping point. You dream of escaping the corporate grind and envision a life of freedom and flexibility through a promising startup business opportunity. However, as much as you desire this change, the weight of your current life seems too burdensome to allow you to pursue your dreams. Ironically, the very reason driving you to seek a change is also hindering your progress. It’s time to explore how you can break free from the shackles of your current life and embrace the entrepreneurial journey.

I recently had the following text conversation with a franchise candidate…

Candidate: Sorry I’m trapped and can’t talk, and sent an email this morning. I am needing to stop the process.

Me: No worries.  I understand your situation because I see it often. The same reason someone wants to start a franchise with SportClips is the same reason they stop the process. You want to get out of your current situation into one that ultimately gives you freedom, flexibility, and a better lifestyle for your family and you, but your current situation is overwhelming you. I’m not promising you it will be easy, but SportClips has hundreds of owners that decided they would endure some short-term disruption to gain longer-term lifestyle benefits. I will inactivate your file. All the best.

Candidate: You nailed it! Phenomenal response, and I appreciate you, and it was a pleasure getting to know you a bit.  I just had a recent change in my company, which is requiring me to put even more effort in. We will see what the future holds. Be well!

It begs the question of how do you investigate franchise start-up opportunities and ultimately pull the trigger on the franchise that is right for you, while having heavy demands on your life?

trim hair franchise dream

Here’s how to navigate the franchise decision process without being overwhelmed

Ask Yourself “Why” Making this Change is such a High Priority

Take some time to identify how your life would change if you had a successful business thriving 3 years from now. How would your relationships with your spouse and children be different if your business gave you the flexibility to spend quality time with them? How would your life be different if you had the freedom to pursue your true passions? And how much stress would be relieved if you knew you had put in a firm foundation for long-term stability? Asking these questions will tell you why starting up a franchise is such a high priority for you. And when you identify your “Why” the short-term grind of the start-up will be worth the long-term rewards.

Prioritize Your Passion

Someone once said, “You don’t find time for important things: you make time by prioritizing them”. There is not going to be a magical window of time that opens where your plate clears off. If you think that is going to happen, you will wait year after year after year. Only when the pain of staying the same gets great enough do we finally say, “Enough! Whatever it takes!”.

However, you don’t have to wait until the corporate grind becomes too much. The franchise opportunity that beckons you holds the promise of the freedom and flexibility you crave. Take some time to explore your passion for this venture. What aspects excite you the most? Passion is a powerful force that can fuel your determination and help you overcome obstacles. Embracing your passion will ignite the fire within you to take the leap and pursue your dreams.

Eat that elephant one bite at a time

It’s natural for a new venture to seem daunting and overwhelming. The key to moving forward is to break down the challenges into manageable steps. Start by creating a roadmap with specific goals and milestones. Focus on one task at a time, and celebrate each small achievement along the way. This approach will not only make the journey less intimidating, but will also provide a sense of accomplishment.

Trust the Process

A well laid out franchise exploration process will be methodical, deliberate, and transparent.  The qualification process at SportClips is a meticulous, well-defined, step by step process that goes at a reasonable pace to allow the franchise candidate to digest information and make sure all their questions are completely answered. This process takes approximately 3-5 weeks and is designed to assure a mutually beneficial fit. Trusting the process will allow you to do complete due diligence in a structured and reasonably time-allotted manner.

The overwhelming grind of a corporate career can be suffocating, but it can also be the catalyst for a much-needed change. While the desire for freedom and flexibility through a franchise opportunity might seem unattainable, it is essential to recognize that you hold the power to shape your destiny. Embrace your feelings, understand the root cause of your dissatisfaction, and tap into your passion. Break down the overwhelming challenges into manageable steps, and trust the franchise due diligence process.

As you take these steps, you’ll find the courage to break free from the corporate grind and embrace the entrepreneurial journey with determination and resilience. Remember, the freedom you seek lies just beyond the horizon of your comfort zone.

Learn more from our research pages here, or fill out our form here to start a conversation with our franchise team today!

Sport Clips Offers Minority Business Opportunities

Empowering Diversity: Sport Clips’ Inclusive Opportunity

At Sport Clips, we believe in the power of diversity and the ability of individuals from all walks of life to excel as small business owners. Our commitment to inclusivity isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a game changer that’s ingrained in every aspect of our franchise model. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to invest in a franchise that empowers people of any background by offering minority business opportunities, Sport Clips is your ideal choice.

Our business model is designed to work seamlessly for individuals from all walks of life, and our unwavering support ensures that any determined entrepreneur can become a business owner. Join us as we explore how Sport Clips is dedicated to championing diversity and providing a pathway to business ownership for everyone.

minority business opportunities

An Inclusive Franchise Model for All Backgrounds

Our franchise model is founded on the principle that diversity drives business growth. Sport Clips’ inclusive approach welcomes individuals of any background, ethnicity, and experience level to become thriving franchisees. Whether you’re a person of color, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a veteran, or simply an ambitious individual looking to own a business, Sport Clips provides the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

We believe that diversity enriches the business landscape and fosters innovation. Our franchise team is ready to support franchisees from all walks of life, ensuring that your unique perspective and background contribute to the overall development of our brand. As just one example of how we empower our franchise owners to pursue their dreams, check out this testimonial from Sport Clips Team Leader Cheston Syma, who has an impressive 41 locations!

Empowering Through Comprehensive Support

We understand that taking the leap into business ownership can be daunting, regardless of your background. That’s why Sport Clips goes the extra mile to provide comprehensive support that guides you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey. From the moment you decide to join the Sport Clips franchise family, our support system kicks into action. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the right location, setting up your salon, hiring and training staff, and implementing effective marketing strategies. Our commitment to the growth of your business knows no bounds, and we ensure that you’re equipped with the knowledge, resources, and guidance necessary to thrive.

Top Tier Training and Education

When it comes to longevity in the business world, knowledge is power. Our training and education programs are tailored to provide franchisees of all backgrounds with the skills they need to excel. Our hands-on training covers various aspects of business management, customer service, and industry trends. Whether you come from a corporate background, a creative field, or any other profession, our training programs empower you with the expertise required to confidently run your Sport Clips franchise. We understand that everyone brings unique strengths to the table, and our training programs ensure that those strengths are amplified in your business journey.

Celebrating Diversity and Creating Opportunities

Sport Clips doesn’t just talk about diversity, we celebrate it. Our brand is enriched by the varied experiences and perspectives that our franchisees bring. We take pride in creating opportunities for individuals who are passionate about business ownership, regardless of their background. When you join Sport Clips, you become part of a vibrant and inclusive community where everyone’s voice is valued. As you follow your path as a franchisee, you become an inspiration to others who dream of owning their own business, proving that determination knows no boundaries.

Minority Business Opportunities with Sport Clips Franchise

At Sport Clips, we stand by the belief that entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. Our franchise model is designed to empower individuals of all walks of life to become thriving business owners. With a commitment to diversity, comprehensive support, and tailored training, Sport Clips provides the pathway to entrepreneurship that you’ve been searching for. Learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity by visiting our research pages here.

Join our inclusive community and embark on a journey where your unique perspective is not only welcomed, but celebrated. Fill out our inquiry form here to start a conversation with our franchise team today! Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to invest in a franchise or a seasoned business professional seeking a new opportunity, Sport Clips is the platform that will support your dreams and help you flourish as a business owner.

Interview With Sport Clips Franchise Owner Richard Buxbaum

Synergizing Real Estate and Business Savvy

In a recent interview with Sport Clips Franchisee Richard Buxbaum, we dove deep into what makes his investment in Sport Clips franchise so worthwhile. Operating in the Greater Houston market in Texas, with nine units currently and another opening on the horizon, Buxbaum’s unique story is an inspiring example of how franchising with Sport Clips empowers entrepreneurs to achieve their business aspirations.

richard buxbaum

What did you do before franchising with Sport Clips?

My work in commercial real estate for many years was as a tenant-representation broker. That means I strategically help tenants like Sport Clips find the right areas in the overall market and then narrow down to the right space in a given shopping center. This was and is still done in the entire Houston market, setting up both franchisee and the Sport Clips brand for long-term success and growth.

What led you to choose a Sport Clips franchise?

At the time, I had been in the commercial real estate business for 15+ years and was looking for a business that I could build and run that I did not have to be present at all the time. I wanted to leverage my time well, which Sport Clips really allows you to do. I had already seen the inner-workings of a variety of franchise systems through the years, and Sport Clips was easily the best. My story is a little bit unique, because I had been the real estate broker for Sport Clips in Greater Houston for a long time, so I really had the opportunity to see their amazing strengths, which were, and still are, the best.

How does franchising with Sport Clips compliment your total business ownership portfolio?

It is really quite perfect for me. A number of us have a saying in Sport Clips: “Don’t work in your stores, work on your stores.” That means we don’t need to be there as owners all the time, or really too much of the time. We need to do our best to have leaders we trust in the store, mostly leave it to them, and keep our eyes on the numbers, which can tell us plenty. My Sport Clips stores fit right into what I have generally set up as my overall passive cash-flow portfolio, which also consists mostly of real estate and stock and bond portfolios, all passive or semi-passive investments. I’m often amazed at how well Sport Clips fits in—it is a great investment and business!

What do you think is unique about the Sport Clips franchise opportunity?

I really think it’s the opportunity to earn cash-flow without having to be at the stores. I understand that this is happening with other franchises, but I love that, firstly, our service can’t really be replaced, and secondly, we have a franchisor that supports us and has the same goals. To be able to have nine stores and spend the amount of time I do in the stores is a phenomenal opportunity that allows me to also grow my other businesses proactively, and this all allows me to reach my goals while enjoying life.

Also, we have said over the years that a recession doesn’t hurt us too badly, because men getting more expensive haircuts are going to come for a visit even during challenging times, which allows us to make up for the clients we might lose for a while on the other side. I think that has been true and it’s unique, but we also went through a huge test in 2020 to see what something like an outbreak and shutdown might do to our business long-term, and we shined. Sport Clips was innovative and quick to respond. We as owners came to the table quickly, and went from worrying early in the process to coming back strong, armed with new ideas on operations and long-term growth. I was happy to see that and proud of the brand—that was unique and gave me great confidence that we can sustain our great business through just about anything.

Now is a Great Time to Invest in Sport Clips

Sport Clips is seeking motivated entrepreneurs like Richard to invest in our proven business model. To learn more about our exciting franchise opportunities, check out our research pages here. If you’re ready to discuss your business goals with our franchise team, fill out our inquiry form here and we’ll be in touch with you soon. We’re eager to hear from you!

Sport Clips Is A Recession Proof Franchise

What Makes Sport Clips So Enduring

In the ever-changing business landscape, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to choose a franchise that offers stability and resilience, particularly during economic downturns. Sport Clips, the premier men’s haircut franchise, stands out as a recession-proof investment opportunity. With our enduring business model, the evergreen demand for men’s haircuts, and our strategic growth approach, Sport Clips provides entrepreneurs with a stable business venture. In this blog, we will explore what sets Sport Clips apart as a recession-proof franchise, and why it is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs seeking a lasting business opportunity.

The volatility of the business world emphasizes the importance of selecting a franchise that can withstand economic uncertainties. Sport Clips has demonstrated our resilience and staying power in various ways, making us a recession-proof franchise. By focusing on the following key factors, we at Sport Clips have established ourselves as a brand that thrives even during challenging times.

Sport Clips franchise ownership recession proof franchise

Manager-Based Business Model

Sport Clips adopts a manager-based business model that sets us apart from other franchises. Instead of owners getting caught up in day-to-day operations, the store manager handles the day-to-day tasks, allowing franchise owners to concentrate on strategic business growth. This approach enables entrepreneurs to invest their energy in developing and supporting their team, implementing effective marketing strategies, and taking care of administrative tasks. By taking a holistic approach to the business, Sport Clips franchisees have the freedom to focus on building a strong foundation for long-term growth. This also means that you don’t need any previous experience in the haircut industry—Sport Clips provides comprehensive training so that our franchisees can feel confident leading their teams and supporting them whenever needed.

Evergreen Demand for Men’s Haircuts

The history of the haircut industry goes as far back as ancient Egypt. Ever since then, the demand for men’s haircuts has remained consistent, regardless of economic fluctuations. Sport Clips capitalizes on this evergreen demand by offering an exceptional haircut experience in an environment that is both fun and relaxing. What can be a time-consuming errand becomes a self-care treat that our customers can look forward to. Our Game Changing MVP experience, for example, which includes a precision haircut accompanied by a hot steamed towel, a massaging shampoo, and a relaxing neck and shoulder treatment, entices clients to return and experience it again and again. Sport Clips understands the importance of providing a high-quality service that keeps customers coming back, even in challenging economic times.

Strategic Growth

Sport Clips maintains a highly strategic approach to franchise expansion. We carefully select franchise locations and Team Leaders, ensuring the best chance for each new venture. Sport Clips acknowledges that our franchisees invest a significant amount of time and money, and we honor that commitment by seeking to franchise stores in locations with strong market potential. This meticulous selection process is a strong factor to help each Sport Clips franchise be poised for growth. Once your location is up and running, and you’ve gotten into the groove of our proven business model, you will look to expand your business into multiple units following the same strategic process.

“Sport Clips was designed from day one to be a multi-unit opportunity,” says Jim Atkinson, Vice President of Franchise Development. “This was never set up to be an individual unit where someone buys a job for the rest of their lives. Our business model is very simple: we cut hair. We built our business model to scale, and we have all the resources to scale quickly and effectively. You will know when you should add resources and when to build additional infrastructure. Whether you want to scale up to three stores, five stores, 10 stores, or beyond, we have a plan that can help you get there.”

Learn More About Franchising with Sport Clips

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a stable business opportunity, Sport Clips provides an ideal franchising option. By joining the Sport Clips franchise family, you can benefit from a recession-proof business model, the constant demand for men’s haircuts, and strategic growth opportunities. To learn more about the Sport Clips franchise and take the next step toward starting your own thriving venture, we invite you to explore our research pages here.

If you are ready to embark on a rewarding journey as a Sport Clips franchisee, fill out our inquiry form here. Our team will be in touch with you shortly to provide further information and guide you through the process of starting your own Sport Clips franchise.

Interview With Sport Clips Multi Unit Franchise Owner

Franchisee Jeremy Aydell Talks Good Business

In a recent podcast episode, Jeremy Aydell, Sport Clips multi-unit franchise owner, went into detail about his experience with the brand. With an impressive portfolio of 15 locations spread across Louisiana and Mississippi, and number 16 set to open its doors soon, Jeremy Aydell’s journey is a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit we love about our franchisees.

 sport clips multi unit franchise owner

What was it specifically about franchising that appealed to you?

Previously, I was an external auditor, and got to see all kinds of different businesses and business models. That’s what led me to want to own my own business. But knowing I’ve got some limitations in being creative, the franchise model with just the basics and the support system was very intriguing to me. I think it was 2008, during the financial crisis, when I was looking into it. I wanted to invest in something that was recession-proof, which is, I feel, a haircut. Everyone needs a haircut. Something that you couldn’t outsource and something you really can’t get on the internet. The haircut was something that we felt strongly was a good business model. We looked into many different franchises in that industry, and Sport Clips far and away was the best we came across. The values of the company were second to none and aligned with us.

What about the Sport Clips model made you think this is a good investment?

I had some pretty good questions about where the money was going and fees, and what have you. Sport Clips was very quick to get me those answers. They were basically consistent with what I thought they would be. Obviously, if you’re investing money in something, you want transparency, and I thought that was a big win for us to have a company that could tell you where the finances and the fees were going.

What kind of support did Sport Clips give you starting out?

It was very important for me to have a good business model, and one where they would really help opening your first location. Yes, it’s stressful. I was an accountant that did not really know much about the hair industry. And they really, really provide a bunch of checklists, one-on-one meetings, and walk you through the whole process to simplify it for you. I don’t want to say they hold your hand, but you know, they want to set you up for success. It doesn’t behoove them to be in business with a partnership if both people aren’t on the same page, and without that support and help we wouldn’t have been as successful with our first location and growing so fast over the years.

Are you meeting your personal and professional goals with Sport Clips?

Oh, absolutely. It’s allowed me to chase some other interests of mine, including investing in real estate. It’s having financial and personal freedom to do what I want to do with my other passions. I’ve really, really enjoyed the workforce, and the stylist industry more than I ever thought I would have. I would say that I’m very, very passionate about the cosmetology industry. I think it’s a great industry, we need some reform there. Right now, it’s a little costly for these stylists to go to school. But I know we’re making some progress there. Being a leader in my area, that’s something else. That’s a passion of mine, making sure that stylists are going to good schools, getting a good education, but that they’ll also be able to pay for that education when they get out.

Learn More About Franchising with Sport Clips

If you’re interested in opening a Sport Clips franchise of your own, now is a great time to invest. For more details about this exciting business opportunity, check out our research pages here. When you’re ready for the next step, fill out our inquiry form here, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sport Clips Is A Most Popular Multi Unit Franchise for Sale

The Premier Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunity

When it comes to multi-unit franchising, Sport Clips has emerged as a front-runner in the industry. With a remarkable track record, numerous locations nationwide, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sport Clips offers aspiring entrepreneurs a golden opportunity to invest in a thriving business model. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of multi-unit franchising, explore why Sport Clips stands out as a top franchise choice, and highlight how Sport Clips facilitates a seamless investment process for those looking to expand their business portfolio.

Understanding Multi-Unit Franchising

Multi-unit franchising involves owning and operating multiple franchise locations under a single ownership. This model offers numerous benefits, including increased revenue potential and streamlined management. By acquiring multiple units within a proven franchise system, entrepreneurs can leverage their resources, expertise, and operational efficiencies to maximize their chances of business growth.

sport clips multi unit franchise for sale

A Premier Multi-Unit Franchise Choice

Proven Track Record

Sport Clips has consistently demonstrated its ability to flourish in the competitive haircare industry. With over 1,800 locations across the United States and Canada, Sport Clips has solidified our position as a market leader. Sport Clips’ track record can be attributed to our commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and a unique focus on clientele. This proven track record ensures that multi-unit franchisees have a strong foundation to build upon and a trusted brand to represent.

High Demand and Growth Potential

Sport Clips caters to a niche market segment, catering specifically to men and boys seeking a comfortable and tailored grooming experience. With an increasing focus on self-care and personal grooming, the demand for services provided by Sport Clips continues to rise. This surge in demand, coupled with the brand’s commitment to innovation and adapting to changing trends, provides multi-unit franchisees with substantial growth potential in both existing and new markets.

Comprehensive Support and Training

Investing in a multi-unit franchise can be a complex undertaking. Sport Clips recognizes this and goes above and beyond to support our franchisees at every step of the way. From site selection and lease negotiation to comprehensive training programs and ongoing operational support, Sport Clips ensures that franchisees have the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive. Sport Clips’ robust support infrastructure, including field operations managers and a dedicated corporate team, instills confidence in franchisees and helps them navigate any challenges that may arise.

Collaborative Network

One of the distinguishing features of Sport Clips’ multi-unit franchise system is our emphasis on fostering a collaborative network of franchisees. Through regular communication channels, regional meetings, and an annual national convention, franchisees have ample opportunities to exchange ideas, share best practices, and learn from one another. This sense of community and collective wisdom further enhances the franchisee experience and promotes continued growth.

Investing in Multi Units with Sport Clips

Sport Clips recognizes that investing in multiple franchise units can be a significant financial commitment. To ease the process, the company offers various financing options and assistance in accessing funding through its network of preferred lenders. This commitment to financial support underscores Sport Clips’ dedication to helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Furthermore, Sport Clips’ franchise development team is readily available to guide potential multi-unit investors through the entire process. From initial exploration to site selection, training, and launch, the team provides expert guidance and ensures a smooth and efficient transition into the world of multi-unit franchising.

Learn More about Multi Unit Franchising with Sport Clips

Sport Clips has rightfully earned a reputation as a most popular multi-unit franchise for sale. With a proven business model, a focus on customer satisfaction, and comprehensive support systems in place,

Sport Clips offers entrepreneurs a remarkable opportunity to thrive in the dynamic and lucrative haircare industry. Whether you’re an experienced multi-unit franchisee looking to expand your portfolio or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking an investment with high profit potential, Sport Clips should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. Embrace the power of multi-unit franchising with Sport Clips, and embark on a journey toward lasting financial prosperity. Visit our research pages here to learn more, or fill out our form here to get in contact with our franchise team. We’ll be in touch with more information about the Sport Clips franchise opportunity!


Sport Clips Premieres New National Campaign

A Game Changer for Franchisees and Customers

In an industry where haircuts can often feel mundane, Sport Clips has continuously redefined the men’s grooming experience. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Sport Clips has emerged as a true game changer in the men’s haircut industry. Recently, we unveiled an exciting new national campaign, aimed at showcasing the unique Sport Clips experience and attracting a wider audience.

The highlight of Sport Clips’ new national campaign is our video shorts that humorously capture the essence of our brand. Directed by the renowned JJ Adler, these 30-second commercials showcase the idea that Sport Clips offers our customers the best of both worlds: a haircut experience that combines efficiency and relaxation. The campaign emphasizes that at Sport Clips, men can not only get their haircut, but also unwind in a comfortable environment where they can enjoy sports, receive a relaxing shampoo, and indulge in a rejuvenating hot towel treatment.

Sport Clips ongoing support hair washing

Expanding Reach through Multi-Channel Advertising

To ensure maximum exposure, Sport Clips’ campaign will be rolled out across various platforms. The 30-second films will be complemented by 15-second versions, creating a diverse range of engaging advertisements. The commercials will be aired on linear TV, streaming video platforms, radio, and social media, reaching a broad audience and driving increased brand recognition. By leveraging multiple channels, Sport Clips aims to position itself as the go-to destination for men seeking a haircut experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Advantages for Existing Franchisees

This national campaign presents a host of advantages for existing Sport Clips franchisees. As the brand’s visibility and recognition grow, franchisees will benefit from increased foot traffic and brand loyalty. Our comprehensive marketing efforts will reinforce Sport Clips’ position in the market, attracting new customers and ensuring continued business growth. Franchisees can leverage the campaign’s engaging message and humorous tone to create a strong local presence, drawing in customers who seek the unique Sport Clips experience.

Moreover, the campaign’s emphasis on relaxation and comfort aligns perfectly with Sport Clips’ existing ambiance, allowing franchisees to capitalize on our distinctive offerings. With the support of the national campaign, existing franchisees can reinforce the Sport Clips experience, cultivate customer loyalty, and solidify our position as leaders in the industry.

Investing in a Sport Clips Franchise Opportunity

For entrepreneurs looking to invest in a franchise, Sport Clips presents a compelling opportunity. Our national campaign’s launch signifies Sport Clips’ commitment to continuous growth and dedication to supporting franchisees. By joining an established brand like Sport Clips, aspiring entrepreneurs benefit from a proven business model that has already garnered widespread customer loyalty.

Sport Clips’ national marketing campaigns, combined with local advertising support, provide a strong foundation for franchisees to attract and retain customers. The increased brand recognition resulting from this campaign will make it easier for new franchisees to establish themselves in their local markets and benefit from the immediate association with a trusted and respected brand.

Furthermore, Sport Clips’ ongoing training programs, operational support, and access to a network of experienced franchisees ensure that new investors receive the guidance and resources needed to thrive. The Sport Clips commitment to franchisee growth creates a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can flourish and capitalize on the Sport Clips’ reputation as a game changer in the industry.

Join the Sport Clips Franchise Family Today

With our game-changing approach and comprehensive support for franchisees, Sport Clips continues to be a game changer in the men’s haircut industry. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking a lucrative investment, Sport Clips offers an unrivaled opportunity to thrive in the ever-growing grooming market.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the Sport Clips franchise story. Check out our research pages here to explore more about our franchise opportunities. To take the first step toward starting your own Sport Clips franchise, fill out our form here, and we’ll send you a copy of our free Franchise Information Report that covers all of the benefits and requirements. Let’s get a conversation started about how Sport Clips can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Sport Clips Men’s Salon Franchise Is A Wise Investment

Why Invest in a Men’s Salon Franchise

Men’s hair care is one of the fastest growing industries, with no signs of slowing down. According to a report in Fortune Business Insights, the global salon services market size was valued at $215.65 billion in 2022, and is projected to grow from $230.64 billion in 2023 to $383.88 billion by 2030. That’s a CAGR of 7.55% in just seven years! Indeed, the demand for men’s grooming services is experiencing unprecedented growth, making it a wise choice for aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in this industry.

So what’s driving all this growth? For starters, men are increasingly becoming conscious of their appearance and are willing to invest in their grooming. They want to look and feel their best, and the men’s salon industry is meeting this demand by offering a range of services that cater to their needs – and not just haircuts and shaves. Now, many salons offer a wide range of services, including beard grooming and facials.

“Hairdressing parlors worldwide are increasingly utilizing sustainable and scented hair shampoos and massaging oils to enhance the customer experience,” Fortune Business Insights reported. “For instance, Sport Clips, a U.S.-based hair salon, uses steamed towels, massaging shampoo and custom-blended proprietary scents while offering neck and shoulder treatments and haircutting services. The rising need for salons to innovate their service offerings will positively influence market growth over the forest timeframe.”

men's salon franchise sport clips

Sport Clips Men’s Salon Franchise

Known as one of the most storied brands in the men’s salon industry, Sport Clips has become a unique fixture in hair care, with more than 1,800 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Sport Clips has become the go-to salon for men, with specialization in men’s grooming, signature services, sports-themed environment, online check-in, and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Indeed, Sport Clips stylists are expertly trained to work with men’s hair, and we offer a range of services competitors can’t match, including the MVP Experience, which includes a precision haircut, hot towel treatment, and massaging shampoo. There’s a reason why Sport Clips has been around for so long and seen such incredible growth, especially in the last few years. And that’s because the franchise is committed to providing the best customer experience possible, while at the same time, offering a proven business model to franchisees who can bring the brand to the next level.

“At Sport Clips, we specialize in haircuts for men and boys, and we know what they want,” says Gordon Logan, the founder and CEO of Sport Clips. “They want a great haircut, in a place where they feel comfortable, with no appointment necessary, and they want to be treated like an MVP. That’s what we deliver, and that’s what sets us apart.”

Incredible Demand

The demand in the men’s salon industry is through the roof, and it’s not hard to see why – literally every guy is a potential customer! More than ever, men are becoming more health conscious. They want to look and feel their best, and that includes regular hair care services, and being willing to pay for it. Indeed, every age group and income bracket is a potential customer base, because every man wants to look good and feel confident.

But that’s not all. Men are also looking for experiences that go beyond the traditional barbershop. Salons that offer a range of services, such as massages and facials, in addition to haircuts and shaves, are more likely to attract more customers. What do men want more than convenience? It’s true – salons that offer online booking and walk-in services make it easy for men to get the grooming services they need without having to schedule an appointment in advance. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, salons that cater to these needs are likely to see continued growth.

Affordable Investment

Sport Clips offers one of the best business models in the industry, evidenced by decades of growth and locations open across the U.S. and Canada. With low initial investments and start-up costs, Sport Clips is an accessible investment opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take their future into their own hands. It’s true – the estimated total investment to open a new Sport Clips franchise ranges $266,300 to $439,500, making Sport Clips a low cost investment with the potential for high returns. The total estimated investment includes everything you need to get started, including the initial franchise fee, the costs of build out, Grand Opening marketing expenses, and up to six months of working capital to ensure your business gets off to a good start.

Also, while the price point of Sport Clips services varies by location, it is generally competitive with other men’s grooming options. The brand offers a range of services, from haircuts to beard trims to facial treatments, at a reasonable price. This has helped to attract a diverse customer base, including budget-conscious men who want high-quality services at an affordable price.

Last but certainly not least, Sport Clips has a proven business model that has enabled it to rapidly expand its footprint across the U.S. and Canada. The brand offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to be part of a growing brand. The franchise model includes comprehensive training and support, site selection assistance, marketing and advertising support, and ongoing operational support. Additionally, the brand has a streamlined and efficient operational system, which makes it easier for franchisees to manage their businesses effectively.

Franchise with Sport Clips Today!

Don’t wait! Learn more about the Sport Clips franchise opportunity today by visiting our research pages here or filling out a form to request more information here.

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Sport Clips Ranks on another Top Franchise List

Sport Clips, a hair care franchise specializing in men’s and boys’ haircuts, has been ranked by Small Business Trends as one of the Most Profitable Franchises. Indeed, being ranked on Small Business Trends’ list is a significant achievement for Sport Clips – showing that the franchise has the potential to provide significant returns on investment for potential franchisees. This recognition is based on several factors, including start-up costs, potential earnings, potential markets, as well as possible competition. In all categories, Sport Clips stood out among the rest, ranking No. 6 out of an evaluation of the top performing franchises in the U.S.

“Sport Clips is one of the top brands in the men’s hair care industry,” Small Business Trends reported. “The business can be fairly small and doesn’t require tons of large equipment or expensive inventory. So ongoing costs can be kept fairly low. The upfront investment ranges from $266,300 to $439,500.”

For potential franchisees, investing in a franchise with high profit potential, like Sport Clips, can provide an excellent opportunity for financial stability and growth. With a proven business model and a strong support system, franchisees can enjoy the benefits of owning a business, while also having the support and guidance of a franchise system. With a proven business model and a strong support system, Sport Clips is a sound investment for those looking to own a growing business.

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Sport Clips is a Top Franchise Brand

Sport Clips is a popular hair care franchise that specializes in men’s and boys’ haircuts. With over 1,800 locations in the United States and Canada. In the hair care industry, no other can boast a proven business model quite like Sport Clips, with more than 25 years of continued growth. As part of that strong business model is the potential for financial stability.

“Sport Clips offers a unique investment opportunity in the hair care industry, with a proven business model that delivers consistent results,” says Gordon Logan, Sport Clips Founder and CEO. “Our focus on providing an exceptional customer experience, combined with comprehensive training and ongoing support, makes Sport Clips a sound investment choice. With our franchisees’ dedication and hard work, we are confident that Sport Clips has tremendous potential and will continue to be a leader in the industry for years to come.”

In addition to a proven business model, Sport Clips offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to its franchisees. From initial training to ongoing support, the franchise provides the tools and resources necessary to grow. This includes marketing and advertising support, as well as access to a network of experienced franchisees. Indeed, Sport Clips is an excellent investment opportunity for those looking to enter the hair care industry.

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If you are interested in owning a Sport Clips franchise, be sure to research the opportunity here or request more information here to learn more about the benefits of owning a Sport Clips franchise.

Expand Your Franchise Portfolio With Sport Clips

Add To Your Franchise Portfolio

We all know the saying, “don’t put your eggs in one basket,” which is a warning that if you put all your effort and resources into one thing, if it fails, you’re left with no alternatives. Yet the saying takes on an even more important significance when it comes to franchising. Indeed, it’s more crucial than ever to diversify your franchise portfolio, so you’re not reliant on one revenue stream or industry. On the flip side, when done right, diversifying your franchise portfolio opens you up to multiple markets and industries, giving you financial security should one of your investments run into challenging economic times.

“Diversification is key to a successful business portfolio,” according to a report in Global Franchise Magazine. “Similar to you keeping a portfolio of different stocks to diversify your investments, as a franchisee, you would profit from owning several franchises. By spreading your investments across a range of assets in several sectors, you can protect yourself from serious loss if one business faces unforeseen challenges. Adding concepts in different industries will not only add further income and stabilize your portfolio, but it will reduce volatility and risk. It will also provide you with the opportunity to apply your business acumen, market knowledge and creative energy to another brand.”

Choosing the right franchise to invest in, however, is key to getting your business to the next level. Oftentimes, finding complementary brands that accentuate – and don’t compete – with your existing investments is always a good idea. Also, to bolster redundancy, many franchisees will invest in a wide range of different industries – food, beauty, restoration, etc. – in case one of their investments undergoes a downturn or financial challenge.

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Add Sport Clips to Your Franchise Portfolio

Investing in Sport Clips is a great way for an entrepreneur to diversify their franchise portfolio. Sport Clips is a legacy brand that is continuing its dominance in the beauty industry as the go-to salon for men and boys haircuts. Founded in 1003, Sport Clips now boasts more than 1,800 locations in North America, with a footprint in all 50 U.S. states. Sport Clips has a decades long proven track record, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of financial independence, a flexible lifestyle, and running their own business. Also featuring a straightforward business model that’s easy to grow, Sport Clips is the perfect fit for investors looking to diversify their franchise portfolio.

“Sport Clips is stronger than ever before,” says Edward Logan, CEO of Sport Clips. “We’ve proven that we’re not only recession-resistant, but we’re also pandemic-resistant. This is a very stable business with steady cash flow and straightforward business model. Now is a great time to invest in Sport Clips, because as we head into 2022, we’re excited about the great real estate opportunities that exist right now, as well as the disruption of client behavior. As people change their buying behavior and their habits, the brands that go out and capture those clients are going to win an outsize market share. That’s going to be us because that’s how we’re thinking.”

Sport Clips is Made for Multi-Unit Ownership

Because Sport Clips offers one of the most straightforward business models in the industry, our franchise owners are perfectly set up to grow up to multi-unit ownership. In fact, Sport Clips takes pride in the fact that its Team Leaders continue to reinvest in the company, with some owners opening anywhere from 10 to 40 stores. It’s why no matter what U.S. city you travel to, you are sure to see a Sport Clips brand.

“Sport Clips was designed from day one to be a multi-unit opportunity,” says Jim Atkinson, Vice President of Franchise Development. “This was never set up to be an individual unit where someone buys a job for the rest of their lives. Our business model is very simple: we cut hair. We built our business model for growth, and we have all the resources to grow quickly and effectively. We know when you should add resources and when to build additional infrastructure. Whether you want to open up to three stores, five stores, 10 stores, or beyond, we have a plan that can help you get there.”

Always Supported in Growth

The Sport Clips team is here to help Team Leaders reach their potential, and that includes helping them open as many locations as possible. The growth of Team Leaders is critical to the future of Sport Clips, which is why Sport Clips offers an incredible amount of support from getting ready to store openings, staffing a location, ongoing coaching and much more. Sport Clips also has advisory councils for area developers and Team Leaders who listen to communities and research possible new territories. With so much support, Sport Clips makes sure its Team Leaders can continue to thrive over the long-term.

Sport Clips makes sure the brand continues to grow smart. The Sport Clips team does a ton of research into what makes a good site for a new location, including potential customer base, GIS technology, demographic and psychographic data, and other relevant data points that make opening a new location a sure bet.

“We’re closing in on 1,900 locations,” says Gordon Logan, Founder of Sport Clips. “We know this business works. We’ve been able to help entrepreneurs change their lives through business ownership. In turn, they’ve been able to create countless opportunities in their communities and give back. We’re going to continue to grow – but we’re growing the right way and with the right people.”

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